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General Mills accused of misleading consumers

Lawyers for the non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have filed a class action lawsuit against General Mills in California claiming labels on their fruit snacks are misleading.  To read in full, click here.

 New way to get omega-3 without pills

One of the disadvantages of daily consumption of products like Udo’s Oil is the fact it is difficult to use if you are travelling. Once opened, the oil requires refrigeration. The option has been to take it with you in pill form, but the number of pills required is daunting when compared to the liquid form. Now another option is being introduced.  To read in full, click here.

Not just clothes should be natural fiber

In the Pure Leadership book series, Jas Malcolm spends some time discussing the impact of chemical pollution on our physical and therefore our energetic bodies. He suggests wearing natural fibers, and using only natural products in floor covering, drapes etc. within the home. Taking care with old upholstery is also important.  To read in full, click here.

Counter attack on vitamins with awareness

A rash of mainstream media attacks on the value of taking vitamins and supplements begs some questions. Are supplements a magic bullet for health? We say no. But does that mean we should be in fear about consuming them? Recognize what is happening for what it is…fear campaign number umpteen.  To read in full, click here.

New natural enhancer cuts salt in processing

Food processors are agog about a natural salt enhancer that can cut the use of refined salts in processed soups by 35 per cent and even more when combined with potassium chloride (KCl).   To read in full, click here.

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