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Exploring facts about First Nations in Canada – Education

Today we begin what we expect to be an ongoing dialog about the state of living and attitudes that impact aboriginals in Canada. Understanding the status quo may help all of us act with more awareness.  To read in full, click here. 

Eco-peel new way to clean water

A new natural way to purify contaminated water has been developed in Brazil. Researchers have found that banana peels do the trick in marvellous and inexpensive ways.  To read in full, click here.

Camera traps show Bolivian jaguars on comeback

In a new camera trap survey in the world’s most biologically diverse landscape, researchers for the Wildlife Conservation Society have identified more individual jaguars than ever before.  To read in full, click here.

State of gratitude now being promoted by mainstream science

Gratitude is one of our highest levels of vibration we can attain. Science is now recognizing its value physiologically and emotionally. As if this were a new insight, scientists now report they have found that being in a state of gratitude results in kinder people. Are you smiling as well?  To read in full, click here.

Removing Limiting Beliefs now a psycho therapy?

A basic part of moving to a higher level of awareness and vibration begins with recognizing limiting beliefs, disposing of them and then replacing them with positive, nurturing beliefs which we create and fuel emotionally to enable us to achieve our greatness. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai hospital are developing treatment for depressed patients exactly this way.  To read in full, click here.

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