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What I’m Packing-Kandis Twa

It is always an exciting moment for me as I pack my bags in anticipation of another adventure to see the world. I have been very grateful for all of the traveling that I have experienced this year with Pure Leadership, however this trip is even more special because I’m going with my husband. Tomorrow we leave for India-off to Rajasthan to experience the best and greatest of this part of the world!

I have shared many of the things I have learned about traveling, and this time I would like to share with you a few of the things that I pack which help me to have a wonderful and healthy trip. (As you are reading this please keep in mind that I am not a doctor-this is not advice-this is simply a list of what works for me).

1. Lavender oil

I pack a great big bottle of Lavender oil which has all sorts of wonderful uses. I rub the oil directly onto my skin-just the exposed parts-a couple of times a day. Not only do you smell wonderful, but we found that the oil is a very effective insect repellent. Rubbing lavender oil on the bottoms of your feet helps to balance your nervous system as well I find it an excellent antiseptic for cuts and scraps. If my hotel room feels a little grubby I will sprinkle some on the curtains, the carpet or in the bathroom as a general disinfectant. I also like to put a few drops on my pillow in the hotel to help me sleep.

2. Mint oil and Grapeseed extract

I make up a combination of these two and put them into a capsule. I find that it is very excellent for my digestive system and for preventing any type of tummy trouble while on the road. I have heard that some people will put a couple of drops of mint oil directly on their tongues if they are having any kind of digestive upset. This is just fine, but I find the sensation (feels like a cool burning) to be uncomfortable, which is why I put them into a capsule. The reason I combine the grapeseed and the mint oil together is just for convenience. They seem to work so well together.

3. Echinacea or Osha tincture and vitamin C

I bring these along to help maintain a strong immune system. Most of use are aware that our bodies are exposed to new pollutants and bacteria when we are traveling, but did you know that emotional environment you are exposed to can also make you sick? I learned all about this a year ago-and although I am learning to stay in a place of neutral observation of the world around me, rather than emotionally connected in, I make sure to support my immune system as well.

4. Cosmic Light Discs from Terry Tupper

These coaster sized disks create a vortex of cosmic light. Cosmic light is the energy that you absorb at night and which restores your Light Force Energy. However, unless the room you are sleeping in is totally dark your body is challenged to properly absorb cosmic light. In most hotel rooms it is quite challenging to make the room totally dark, there seems to be little electronic lights on everything! Having one of Terry’s disks in the room amplifies cosmic light and has the effect of sleeping in a dark closet. For more information on Cosmic Light and Light Force Energy click here.

5. Journal

I believe that it is important to observe and record my experiences when I travel. Some people do this through their camera, but for me I prefer to write it down. Of course I can’t write everything down, but I do write down even just a few words that will remind me of a story of that day, a piece of wisdom that was shared or an incredible scene that I saw. When I record the events of the day-even the things that I had challenges with-I can look back in gratitude for all that occurred. It has been challenging for me to see some of the things I have seen, to see people that are suffering. So keep a positive perspective, at the top of my journal I have written out a portion of lesson that resonated with me from our friends at Ish-a-tah.

“You see that being neutral is understanding that there is nothing really wrong in the world, it just is what’s happening at this moment. “This too shall pass”. It is a lovely comment to make. It will, you can guarantee that whatever is in front of you is going to change. Life moves on, things change and so will this. And it is true that the pendulum will swing from one end to the other, life has a rhythm to it and when you can stay neutral to it, you can be in observance of that natural rhythm of life. You begin to become one with the rhythms of life in that silent observation. Some people would say, ‘well then are you caring?’ Of course you are caring, you care more deeply then sometimes those that can get so excited and yet, they do nothing about it. You simply ask the Creator to give you the words and the opportunity if you are supposed to participate. Otherwise you become a quiet observer. Ask the Creator to give you the words and the opportunity to know always that it will always be perfect. Perfect words, perfect action and at the most exquisite and perfect time.”

If you would like to listen to the full recording of this teaching called “Everyday Enlightenment” click here.

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