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Looking forward to 2012 -Jas Malcolm

Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope that however you are enjoying this holiday season-either with friends and family, or in reflective quiet of winter solitude -that you joyful and healthy! Here we bring you our Christmas message from Jas Malcolm. Included are several practical suggestions and positive tools for optimal health and happiness for you to consider as we enter a new year. All of this in an seven part series that we will publish over the next few days. Enjoy!

I kind of felt invisible this year as I didn’t conduct a single workshop.  I was so intensely involved in my own growth this year that remained my focus.  The lovely Kandis has kept you apprised of our travels to Egypt and China, and I also spent a considerable time in South America.  The learning for the new book series has been profound. I’m beginning to understand how the sacred sites and the cosmos work together in the same way your consciousness does.

Yes, you are cosmic in nature. It’s a misconception that you build your body from the Earth, rather you build it with cosmic dust.  These new books are so exciting however, there’s a lot more to share from this year.

In this Christmas message I will touch ever so briefly on several massive trends from this year, all positive, leading us into 2012:

  • Giant shifts in collective consciousness that sees  people taking responsibility for governing themselves, taking back their power,
  • New insights that will affect the price of crude oil, and where it’s produced and eliminate the ‘fear’ of peak oil as humanity transitions away from using oil as a fuel.
  • An acceleration in collective consciousness towards nuclear fusion and a rejection of nuclear fission, thereby setting the stage for a whole new world.
  • The Earth regenerating herself and producing more fresh water issuing from the Atlantic ridge. The de-polluting water spreads!
  • Huge advances in ‘implosion’ based – pollution free and almost ‘cost free’ fuels to power to our generators and engines,
  • A way to change the energy in your home and office for pennies, literally,
  • Huge changes afoot in solar power generation which will lower its cost and eliminate its polluting footprint
  • Tips and tools for more harmony and to ameliorate chaos in the new year

Here is the first installment:

A Shift Towards Greater Self-Empowerment

In the first version of the existing book series, in 2008, I outlined how governments would fail and boy have we seen a lot of that this year. People tend to focus on Tunisia and Libya and Egypt, however, the ‘occupy’ movements  in the United States are part of that same new energetic.  These movements have, in my view, been wrongfully criticized in the media. These movements are all about people taking responsibility rather than giving their power over to government. These are simply the early stages. Expect much more peaceful protest and pressure for governmental changes all around the world. We’re all waking up!

The opportunity for each and every one of you is beyond what you can imagine. The Earth is going to look after herself just fine, and collective consciousness is going to deliver non-polluting energy and a new financial system will emerge and it will be better for all … but there is going to be a lot of chaos along the way. What are you going to do consistently every day so that none of the chaos affects you? In the coming days we will bring more details of what we see occurring in this most exciting new year and provide you with some suggestions about how to invest in yourself in 2012 for greater health and joy!

Monday-Part Two: Shifting Away from our Traditional Energy Sources


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