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Shifting Toward Pollution-Free Energy Sources- Jas Malcolm

In the past years I’ve investigated a lot about the new coming changes in energy for humanity. Here I’m talking about fuels.  I continue to say that we’re on the brink of a shift in collective consciousness towards new types of energies. There are sea changes afoot which will see humanity embrace the imploding technologies and reject the exploding technologies. This is consistent with the very strong ‘green’ thinking that has moved to the forefront. For example, I was introduced this year to an engine that runs on inert gases. This closed system is an imploding system with zero pollution and on 44 cents of inert gases the engine will run for 144,000 miles.

Then there’s Paul Pantone’s ongoing work with magnetism, and the work of many others in the same vein, all bringing forward engines fueled by water [see Brown’s gas or HHO for those who wish to familiarize themselves].  I don’t feel they’ll be in the market until humanity makes the shift in consciousness in 2013 or 2014.

In the meantime, the Pure Leadership News Network has been monitoring  some of the new scientific awareness about energy. That includes a theoretical physicist’s proof that energy can be obtained from sound for example. Using new mathematical principles the physicist believes  ambient sound could be converted to electrical energy and therefore useful power. More information on this concept can be found at Pure News Network

Canadian researchers have even looked to our oceans and lakes in new ways to help solve a global demand for energy. Another article on the Network explains how two Ryerson University researchers have taken the search for nondestructive energy sources  underwater. Bodies of water offer predictable amounts of energy, and in some cases, require smaller infrastructure (and less capital investment) to extract energy. Even better, harnessing marine energy is also more environmentally sustainable 

And using our own motion to generate power is being studied too. The News Network reported how a couple of researchers have developed a novel energy-harvesting technology known as “reverse electrowetting.” With it, mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy. A micro-fluidic device consisting of thousands of liquid micro-droplets interacting with a novel nano-structured substrate can generate power as we move. Imagine the freedom such a device would offer people living in remote areas currently without power. Just walking about as they normally would during the day could generate the power and store it in batteries that they need to light their way at night.  Couple that with other discoveries noted on the News Network regarding developments that make batteries that can be 72% more efficient and the potential for energy freedom for all not as far away as some may think.

In the third edition of the books I elucidated this shift of consciousness that is required for everyone to utilize these new inventions, including nuclear fusion at room temperature.

That isn’t far off either. Controlled experiments for cold fusion have been conducted in Russia, California, Italy, and Japan. They have consistently proven cold fusion is a reality. In an article on the News Network, we’ve learned how Osaka University professor, Dr. Yoshiaki Arata,  performed a demonstration of cold fusion just months ago.   This year, Andrea Rossi’s Fusion Energy Catalyzer was tested in a number of different scenarios too.  On January 14 in fact, Rossi demonstrated a nickel hydrogen fueled low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) reactor that generated power at room temperature.

Humanity is on the brink of altering the energy we harness, and the shift is going to be so amazing that this planet will never be the same. Imagine how low cost non-polluting energy changes our environment literally but also socially and economically.

The advances that companies like Natcore Technology are making in the world of solar are absolutely wonderful. Many people see wind and solar as the natural evolution to escape from oil. I’ve always felt that wind is misconceived as it has such a low conversion factor, however, solar has tremendous potential.  I am quick to remind the informed Pure Leadership aware folks that electricity generated by solar is still ‘exploding’ electrons which interferes with your chakras. When solar is coupled with Rodin coils though, the result is ‘imploding electricity’. This thinking will represent a massive leap forward to ‘non-polluting’ electricity.  Now you can do that today for an investment of 25 cents. Simply tape a penny on the back of the plastic cover of the electrical outlets in your house and office and feel the difference as the ‘exploding’ electricity is converted back into a sine wave. I’ve digressed, lets get back to Natcore.

What Natcore’s pioneering is driving down the cost of manufacturing solar panels and raising their efficiency with breakthroughs in stabilizing black silicon and nanotech anti-reflective coatings. What many don’t know is that solar panels are currently constructed through a high heat toxic process.  There are false economies when we look at solar until this issue is dealt with.  Just as most electrical cars have a larger environmental footprint than those burning gas, the entire value chain has to be addressed. Natcore’s nano-coating is not toxic and has the potential to revolutionize how solar panels are coated.

And at the same time as Natcore researches coatings, other scientists are exploring ways to make those coatings even more effective. The News Network reported how scientists in Israel are fine-tuning nanocrystal or quantum dots for high efficiency solar cells that can help to maximize a solar cell’s ability to harvest light. They are looking to find new ways new way to bring an electrical charge to the dots-each about one-millionth the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

And as their revolutionary developments are being made, others are working on allied technologies to support solar power’s effectiveness. For example, the News Network carried an article about how a device has been made that helps test the efficiency of photovolataics such as solar cells so they can be made more efficient.

This shift to green thinking has taken hold in collective consciousness and it is a welcome and timely shift in 2012 for all of us here on planet Earth.

Tomorrow-Part Four: Reclaiming Health and Natural Healing


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