Pure Leadership 2011 Christmas Message-Part Four   5 comments

Reclaiming Health and Natural Healing- Jas Malcolm

I hope that now you are starting to get the picture?  Each year you’re seeing massive changes, positive changes, in the Earth and her inhabitants and 2012 will be no exception! Did you know less people are getting sick?  Yes, I’ve been told that some hospitals in the United States have had to shut down for lack of business:)

In the upcoming year we’ll see a huge push from ‘the other team’ to shut down naturopathic medicine. It is so offensive that people doing great work have to suffer the abuse of the ‘powers that be’, but these souls are up to the challenge.  Pure Leadership provided some small support this year for one such gentleman, Dr. Burzynzki  “ a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist who won the largest, and possible the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food &Drug Administration in American history”.  I highly recommend his movie Cancer is Serious Buisness to give everyone perspective.  I’m happy to say  that the persecution of naturopathy and natural medicines will be opposed by humanity and by mid – 2012 the ‘old way of big money pharmaceutical medicine’ will be rejected by humanity in a very unambiguous way. I’m sure you’ll agree that this, again, will result in a massively positive shift in our society and, although cost is not the factor I’m most concerned with, I do appreciate the massive resources this can free up in society. And the shift of health will continue into the fields as well. The law suit initiated by hundreds of thousands of organic farmers against Monsanto is a blessing for all of humanity.

For more information on the changing state of health care, please see Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why That’s Changing (Chapter 14) (2010) by Jas Malcolm available at www.pureleadership.net

Tomorrow-Part Five: Poverty-Consciousness Shifting out of the World Financial System


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5 responses to “Pure Leadership 2011 Christmas Message-Part Four

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  1. Right on JAS – Happy 2012!

  2. Right on! H appy 2012!

  3. You are a very bright individual!

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