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Poverty Consciousness Shifting out of the World Financial System- Jas Malcolm

The review of these externalities for the reader is so that you can relax and remember the rapture – the divine flow in all things. Fear based concerns about the Earth are misplaced.  Let us review a very important principle taught in all workshops.

If I meet someone begging on the sidewalk, I can feel sorry for them and give them money. That is fear based and accentuates their problem. It’s like people with concerns going to assist earthquake victims. The energy of ‘concern’ they carry exacerbates the problem. You’ll remember that if I feel wealthy and generous then I can give to the begging individual and the energy they receive from me will be more important than the contribution. Similarly, if I’m feeling wealthy and grateful and I go to assist a victim, they will be benefited. This is important to remember because the Earth is going to experience increased earthquake activity in 2012 as she re-balances herself.  This is a natural process. Understand that if you live on the Earth this is some of the risk we eternal beings expose ourselves to – no risk – no joy.

All this reference to poverty consciousness versus wealth consciousness brings us full circle to a discussion of the economy.  As the reader’s aware, I’m on record as saying that the financial economy will continue to breakdown in order that a better, higher vibration, ‘exchange based’ economy can emerge. This is something always on the top of everyone’s mind because we’re entitled to have some energetic foundation upon which we can guide our lives and personal growth. I wish I could tell you that the financial volatility is all behind us, however, if you’re following the European quagmire you may realize that there are some ‘big shoes’ to fall.

How does this play out?  I believe the Euro fails, however, the creators will continue to spin and spin and spin to try to convince you that their original decisions were the best.  What you will understand is that individual nations require individual currencies to self actualize in a world rising in vibration. The Euro goes away through a multitude of government machinations. This will bring some further financial chaos. If you study the 2008 financial collapse you’ll see that the United States printed money to save their economy. The Europeans, on the other hand, did not. They tried to preserve the value of their currency. I see no way around the Europeans printing Euros [directly or indirectly] as one of their strategies to try to save the Euro. This will de-value the Euro even further.  But, and here is the most important question, what is it devaluing against?

Well, we continue to see people run into the US dollar as a ‘safe haven’.  I remain non-plussed that people consider an economy that is sporting inflation of some 12% and unemployment [real as opposed to government declared] of 22% as a country able to ‘back’ their currency. I continue to take issue with the US media and government ‘telling’ the rest of the world how to fix their problems when the US created most of them. What you are witnessing is all governments of the world debasing their currencies. It is like a race to the bottom, and the people of the world suffer a debasement of their life savings. I have always proffered gold as the way to be outside of this debacle because it is the only asset that is not simultaneously someone’s liability. It is the only way to be outside of the financial system.

I feel that my readers may feel gold is some sort of academic solution for them, however, gold has appreciated 20% per year for the past 10 years. That means it has been the most profitable market to be in. There are more ways to buy bullion today than when I first started recommending it. The Sprott Physical Gold Trust and even the Royal Canadian Mint program give you some options of where to store liquidity.  You’ve been witness [eg Argentina and Russia and Wells Fargo cash machines] where the banks of the world have refused people trying to withdraw their cash.  I do believe that the Canadian banking system is in better shape, but in better shape than what? If the banks of the world had to ‘mark to market’ their assets you’d see the banking system is insolvent. In the 3rd Edition of Who’s in Control of the Powerful You  I outlined some of the debts of Canadian banks [off balance sheet] and the numbers are frightening. So remember, it is your cash, and your savings, and you are responsible to look after yourself.

What can we look forward to?  Perhaps the United States, who increasingly have a currency that the other governments don’t want [the Central Banks were the largest purchasers of gold in Q3 of this year], will launch a new currency backed by silver. Eric Sprott feels silver is the best investment for the next ten years. Mr. Sprott is very thoughtful and when I say gold I do mean gold and silver. My bullion assets are probably 70% gold and 30% silver and I think I’m underweighted in silver.

I continue to anyone who will listen that gold and silver bullion are what I recommend for savings. Again, you want the bullion or an investment backed by bullion. I do not buy ETFs [exchange traded funds] because the constating documents give too much leeway to managers to substitute ‘non-bullion’.

When it comes to putting your savings into the stock market, ‘buyer beware’.  The markets today are casinos.

No stocks are for the faint of heart as we don’t have true free markets. The US plunge protection team continues to manipulate the markets. This large down draft in gold from $1950 to $1550 that we’ve experienced since summer is, I believe, designed to remove gold’s 40% gain and deter people from holding gold shares. Heavens, even some mainstream financial houses are now actually telling their customers about gold [10 years into the bull market]. This becomes a buying opportunity, but only for speculative and informed investors.

Remember gold could fall to $1200 but at today’s prices I continue to buy aggressively.

Oops, I went sideways, I was supposed to be talking about stocks. This market is so manipulated stocks are a gamble, pure and simple. I do find the major and mid tier gold and silver stocks to be at bargain prices unseen in the 10 year bull market. The prices of the major companies haven’t fallen too much, and certainly not to 2008 levels, but these companies have much improved their businesses so you can find lots of these companies trading at .4 to .6 their Net Asset Value at $1750 gold. If gold were to catch up to inflation you’d have a gold price of $2,500 to $5,000 dollars. This is not a prediction. Gold and silver shares are for those who have nerves of steel.

I continue to suggest gold and silver, in physical form, to store wealth, not because you’ll make money, but because you’ll retain your savings and you’ll have flexibility to make a wider range of choices during these floundering markets and the emergence of the new economy. Job one is always to maintain your flexibility, pay down debt and stay off of credit cards as much as possible.

It always seems funny to me to talk about the economy though, as much as I love to, because the economy is a group dynamic. The real game afoot for those embracing Pure Leadership, is not about everyone else, it is about you. The best investment you can make is- plain and simple- an investment in you.

Tomorrow in “Part Six” we will provide you with a list of tools designed for just such a purpose-investing in yourself!

A further discussion of the Financial Markets is provided in Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why that is Changing Chapter 12 (2010) by Jas Malcolm available at www.pureleadership.net


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