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Taking Care of Yourself: Your Greatest Investment for 2012-Jas Malcolm

2012 is going to be an amazing year, because so many folks have been misled and continue to stray into fear. It’s going to have quite a few moments where you’ll want to be using these tools and the others in the books. There’s nothing that will happen in 2012 though that will upset the person of high self esteem – self love.

Remember the Mayan calendar ending is a non-event that happened in 1998 when the Divine Grid was re-anchored to Earth. Everyone on the planet today is on the Homo Luminous path.  The chaos that is necessary for the shift of humanity’s collective consciousness to a homo-luminous state is going to “rock on” in 2012. One of your gifts is the ‘gift of choice’. That’s right, free will. The Pure Leadership books have been delivered to give you the tools to embrace these changes in your personal life. When you do, you will manifest and receive what you desire. Remember, in Lift the Veils to Reality I reveal you’re entitled to love, bliss, rapture and abundance. If you don’t have them now and continually in 2012 – well that’s your mirror.

You change the world by changing you. The book Lift the Veils to Reality remains more relevant today than ever before, as does the belief work in Change is Natural (p.103-164). Daily, I suggest, you focus on a manifestation exercise (Change is Natural  p.453) and spend some dedicated meditation quiet time. Pay attention to everything in your life because it is all a mirror for what is going on within your energy field. The first defense is to remove the limiting beliefs that your daily mirrors reveal and install a new high vibration belief (Change is Natural  p.103-164)

Here we have provided a list of practical and easy tools that you can consider incorporating into your life, facilitating greater health and happiness. We have covered many of these suggestions both in the book series and on our blog site as “Your Spiritual Toolbox”. We have included page references to the books and links to the blog so that you can easily find more information about any of these easy to use tools.

1. Spend time barefoot or take a walk in nature everyday to ground yourself from collective consciousness

2. A Daily manifestation exercise (Change is Natural p.453)

3. Monitor your mirrors (Change is Natural p.103-164). Your Life is a reflection of your beliefs

4. Take a shower in the dark  so that your body can absorb more cosmic light? (Change is Natural p.416)

5. Darken your room when you go to bed so there are no photons present?

6. Practice graciousness and feeling gratitude in each moment for what you have in the moment (Change is Natural p.245)

7.Forgive everyone, carrying the energy of forgiveness top of mind (Change is Natural p.231)

8.Spend time around water to benefit from the vortices that will boost your immune system and fortify your light force energy

9. Have some liquidity outside the financial system in the form of gold and even a bit of food

10. Eat organically

 11. Exchanging lots of hugs every day

12. Quiet time each day to focus on you – yes a meditation to connect into the infinite.

13. If you’re ruffled in the moment, how about using the code 3-23 often and 5-5,5-5,1 to calm your mind. Repeated usage thousands of times will change your field forever. Or, how about simply, “god rise me above” to lift yourself out of collective consciousness.

 14. Blessing your food through prayer or the code 9-9-5 (Change is Natural p.410)

15. Using the word “Savandah”(Change is Natural p.404)

16.  Ensure that you are drinking enough water -we suggest dividing your body weight in pounds by 2, then using that number a guideline for how many ounces of water to consume (e.g. if you weigh 120lbs, you may consider drinking 60oz. of water a day).

Monday- Part Seven: Update for Workshop Attendees, Overrider and Master Guards


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