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Update for Workshop Attendees: Overrider and Master Guards- Jas Malcolm

I feel it important that people understand that as more of your spirit enters your body in 2012  you can experience physical challenges. Your spirit will be so active in 2012 that your physical will have difficulty keeping up. When the shift happened in September I began to notice all sorts of changes in my physical. Firstly my left knee swelled up like a big softball and I walked with a limp for awhile. As that went down, as of writing this note, my right arm is very sore and difficult to hold over my head. Am I ill and requiring medical attention? No, it is a ‘mirror’ of what I’m resisting with my new spirit entering my body. In September you received a whole new chakra system.  I’m not suggesting you don’t seek medical advice if you require it, I’m sharing perspective as our bodies are clearing and adjusting to the new high vibrations. Where there is resistance, well that’s a mirror for work to be done. The medical professionals would have difficulty diagnosing what is going on in my body, for instance. Cranial sacral work is quite helpful at this stage as you’re body is seeking a new rhythm.

The most elegant way to change your life and the most thorough entails the processes outlined in Lift the Veils to Reality that deal with Master Guards and the Overrider. Up until September 97% of all people had an active Overrider. With the shift in humanity in September that number is now 47%.  If you’re reading this odds are you’re in the 47%.

I wish to spend a moment updating those who’ve read the book and are using the Master Guard/Overrider processes.

The changes to humanity in September were so massive that most people have been going through massive shifts in their physical and their personal worlds. This will continue at least through Q1 of 2012.

I examine my Overrider daily to assure that it is calm and feels safe. Yes, that maintenance meditation is done daily. If you’ve missed a day, well your Overrider is active again. I’ve learned so much about consistently doing my work to get the rewards. Let me review some of the factors that can re-activate your Overrider, and therefore re-create your low vibration beliefs:

  • Allowing fear to enter your life from any level, often triggered by an active inner child,
  • Bumping up against major beliefs you’ve not dealt with, such as ‘I can’t go out to play until my work is done’, or ‘it is impossible to be one with the [infinite creator,god etc]’, or
  • Influence of collective consciousness, which carries the two beliefs in the prior bullet,
  • Influence of ancestral DNA, and
  • ‘laws’ you’ve created with use of ‘always’ and ‘never’ in past life times or this present life time.

I continue to pay attention to my mirrors continually and seek out low vibration beliefs, and active inner children. I know the best way to handle this is the Overrider work so that is how I maintain myself.

Hugs to each of you, you are more special than even you know.  I hope to deliver a new book series for you soon that will answer many questions, but the simple answer to all things … love yourself unconditionally … that is the eternal message of our Pure Leadership team to you.


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