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Why I Decided to Change my DNA

by Kandis Twa

Did you know that your DNA can change? Many years ago scientists did not believe that your DNA could change after you are born. Now, thanks to new fields of research such as epigenetics and pioneers like Dr. Bruce Lipton, scientist now do agree that yes, indeed your DNA changes and in fact it changes quite a lot. The magnificence of your DNA is that it is a sound and light signaling system that retains all of your beliefs and experiences at a multitude of levels.

So, what determines what it records and what it doesn’t record? Your emotions. Whenever there is an experience of  strong emotions-be it great joy or great fear and sadness-that will imprint onto the DNA.  Just as your emotions today are influencing your DNA so did the emotions of your ancestors affect your DNA. The DNA you were born with is not a blank slate. It is an inherited canvas that has been painted upon by the emotions of your ancestors, up to four generations back. And, there is a good reason for this. The reason is that when strong emotions can imprint the DNA then you do not have to repeat the lessons of your ancestors.

This means that we are all carrying around all of the feelings and beliefs of our ancestors. This is a blessing as we all inherit the amazing courage and love that our ancestors experienced, but the problem is that we also inherit many emotions that do not fit our lives.

You will be able to tell that a feeling is coming from some old DNA coding when you feel something that you can’t help but feel. You have no idea where this feeling is coming from, why it is there, and in fact it doesn’t even make any logical sense that you would be feeling such a way, but you do.

I have a positive example of how ancestral DNA influenced my life. In 2004 I had decided to go back to school. I had driven up to Edmonton to interview for a masters program at the University of Alberta. The faculty where I was to study was housed in a lovely building called Corbett Hall. Seeing this building for the first time, I felt a welcoming and happiness that I couldn’t explain. Looking back I can see that those feelings influenced my decision to attend school there (and to a larger extent because the interview went well and I was accepted into the program :)). Just this year, I came across some research that a cousin of my fathers’ had done on the family tree. In the documents I was surprised to come across a black and white picture of a family member standing in front of Corbett Hall fifty years ago. It was a high school then and the girl in the picture had written that going to school there represented “the happiest years of my life”. No doubt, my DNA was resonating with that happiness when I saw her old school!

Ancestral DNA can come out in some really strange ways. For instance if your ancestor was thrown from a horse and trampled, you would not want to get on a horse, and certainly would not want to ride them. Or if you have an ancestor that drowned in water, you would have an understandable fear of water, particularly water where you cannot touch your feet to the bottom.

Once upon a time I used to have a fear of speaking up. I wanted to be heard but my ancestors were living in a time period when speaking your mind was not exactly encouraged. You know the old adage ‘women are to be seen and not heard’? Well, I was carrying that around in my DNA, and I could see quite clearly that that misconception was not serving me!

There is a lovely book that was written on this topic by a woman called Denise Linn. Her book is called “Sacred Legacies” and even though it was written quite some time ago, I feel she does an excellent job of explaining DNA coding. Furthermore she offers plenty of techniques for honouring, healing and understanding our ancestral lineage.

Understanding this information had such a positive affect on my life, and there are many techniques and meditations which are offered to raise the vibration of DNA, or to activate more strands (I will allow you, of course to determine what is best for you). I use the simple “God take it from me now prayer” that Jas shares in “Change is Natural” (2010) Chapter 9.

It is a simple prayer but perfectly effective. I’ve used this technique with great reverence because I honour my ancestors.  I honour the life that they lived and the experiences that they had. Further I recognize that if it wasn’t for every trial and triumph of their individual lives I would not be here, exactly and perfectly where I am!

There is perhaps more to your DNA that you ever realized.

For more information on how your DNA is actually a intelligent storehouse of light and not just inert bundles of fatalistic code please see “Rediscovering Who You Really Are” (2010) Chapter 19.

I also recommend Dr. Bruce Lipton’s excellent best-selling book on the adaptable nature of DNA. “Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles”

Also recommended is Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphic Resonance”. The power of this book is that comes closer to explaining how magical and sensitive the human body really is.


2 responses to “Divine DNA

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  1. Isn’t it good to know we can change from our DNA, psychically and physically!

  2. Thanks Kay. It is good to know-and even more exciting is that our wonderful scientists are learning more and more about how this happens. You are more powerful than you think!

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