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ImageA Positive Social Revelation

by Kandis Twa

Ok, full disclosure, I’ve been on Facebook and had all of the following thoughts: I do not like that haircut, those are terrible shoes, there they go bragging again, that’s a bad baby name, who cares about your dog. These, and many other thoughts which I am not proud of have gone through my head! So, I’m going out on a limb here but, I don’t think I’m alone. What’s more, is that I know this is very grade six behaviour but I believe that this kind of thinking is so habitual that we don’t realize firstly, how much we engage in it, nor that it has a huge impact on our lives. So here’s why you may want to be really honest with yourself and pay attention to what you are thinking as you scroll and click you way through your friends latest posts.

 For most of us, our thoughts when we are engaged in social media are not positive, in fact they are condemning. Let me explain. To condemn means to express disapproval and comes from the word damn. Now most of us wouldn’t agree that we go around condemning people but how often do you disapprove of someone or something? Please understand that your thoughts have power! Consider what you think about in terms of a boomerang, in that what you think about you bring about. This is the universal law of attraction and when we judge or condemn others, whether we’re aware of it or not, those thoughts come back to us! In other words, what you affirm through your thoughts will be confirmed in your life. If you think disapproval/condemnation that is what you will experience.

Another way to explain it, and I’m going to get a little deep here, is that when you condemn another, you are condemning God. What do I mean by that? Think of it this way; everything and everyone is made up of molecules, right?  Now imagine that all of those molecules and everything in between is God. Creation is like a great big sea of molecules of which you and I are a part, but not separate from. Still with me? This is why the great yogis and saints said  ‘we are all one’, or expressed as “I and the Father are one”. So if you look at condemnation or judgement from this perspective you can see that what you think of others you are declaring of yourself.

 Heavy, right? What’s important in all this is awareness, and for me this realization has been huge because I did not realize how often judgement or condemnation flashes through my mind even though I certainly characterize myself as a positive person.  When you look at how often you have condemning thoughts which are simply an expression of disapproval, if you’re like me, you’d be astounded! What’s more amazing is that this is so common. Most social interactions, in fact are built around some type of judgement or condemnation of self or others. Think about it how often you can characterize your interactions with friends as a discussion of life and how it’s not meeting up to expectations. Disapproval. Rarely do we get together and talk about things that we love! Judgement and condemnation are built into socialization so it’s no wonder that facebook and the rest of our social media are a hotbed of negative and disapproving internal dialogue.

This is simply a call to attention, because I fully believe that if we aren’t aware then we can’t change. So, tell me about your happiness! Tell me about something you love! Let’s shift in our collective social interactions.

This post was inspired by the information shared in the October Session from Wings Alive. You can watch the archived video of that session here


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