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Deciphering Truth Within Yourself

by Kandis Twa

Have you ever been faced with a big opportunity and not sure if the apprehension you are feeling is normal or if somehow your intuition is trying to tell you something?

This was a big question for me about a year ago when I was given the opportunity to travel to a new country to do some really interesting work. Initially I was excited about all the new experiences I was going to have, the fascinating people I would have the chance to work with and suddenly I was really nervous; restless sleeping kind of nervous. So naturally I wondered is this nervousness coming from a forewarning kind of place or is this just the butterflies that naturally signal the start of a new adventure?

In order to feel really good about your decisions it is important to be able to distinguish between fear and guidance from your higher self; here are some suggestions.

First, take a moment to get really quiet and present. This is easy to do, just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before you start to think about your decision. Now, pay attention and listen to your thoughts. What information do you hear? Lots, right?  Sometimes this can feel like you are listening to an internal debate! If that happens remember that the first voice you hear, not the one that comes in to contradict it is your higher guidance. Another way to recognize your higher guidance is that it will alway speak to you kindly and lovingly. I love that!

If you find that just thinking about something gets you confused or worked up, try talking it out. Find someone you trust and who is a good listener. As you talk about your decision pay attention to how your body is feeling. Your body is the best truth detector in the world and by feeling how your body responds when you talk about a decision you can get a lot of information. When something is correct, the body relaxes begins to flow with the information. In other words you are feeling good. On the other hand, if as you are talking about your decision you start to tighten up, your stomach feels hard and resistant that is a sign that this decision might not be for you. I find personally that when information isn’t correct for me that it has almost a sour taste, like a tin type feeling to it. A bit weird but I’ve noticed that’s a sign for me to say a quick ‘no thank you’ and get out.

Another practice that I do to help me come to a decision is to write it all down. I know, it’s old advice but I love this method. When I sit down I set my intention as “God/Source/Infinite Creator reveal to me the truth” and then I just start writing down all of my thoughts or feelings about the decision I have in front of me. ‘God, reveal to me the truth’ means that there are no false feelings or insecurities that crop up and usually after just a couple of minutes it becomes pretty clear which course is best for me.

Ok, so there you are three easy ways to help you make decisions you feel really good about. I know this information has given me more confidence in my life and I hope that you find it helpful as well!

Do you trust your intuition when making decisions? How do you tell the difference between your fear and your intuition?

More tips for cutting through all the noise, silencing the ego and negative thoughts so you can hear your intuition more clearly and feel really good about your decisions!


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