A Prayer for Flood Recovery and the Calgary Stampede   1 comment

CS-1We ask all of the land
and all of the people,
all of the homes and the businesses,
all of nature and the animals and the birds
and all of the waters
to be calm.
We ask that the great blessings and miracles be present
in each moment
and in each breath.
And like the great breath that comes from the Creator,
we ask for the winds of miracles to come through this land,
to dry out everything perfectly,
keeping everyone safe.
We ask that the great stamina,
speed and synchronicity
happen for this city and for everyone involved
so that all of the preparations for this great celebration of the Calgary Stampede
can go on not only as normal
but as great
and miraculous
that everyone within this city and everyone upon the land that has been affected
by this flood
now experiences the miracle of this land,
the great abundance of this land,
the fertile fields
and the great harvest
the abundance of joy and great happiness
and health and healing
the joy of great successes in life
of camaraderie and compassion.
May all of the grounds that are wet,
dry out with the great wind
quickly, easily without harm or damage.
May all that needs to be repaired God,
meet with your hands and your speed.
May all of the workers have great stamina
may it even bring them greater energy to do this work
and may all of humanity
and all of the lands
and all of the people
and of the animals be safe.
We ask that all that is in disarray
come into order perfectly,
beautifully and in harmony.
We ask that all that has been disrupted
be brought back into harmony,
balance and renewal.
We ask that all that have been laid into waste
be brought into renewed life and beauty
so that this celebration
is not just a great celebration that happens annually
but it is a celebration of lifetimes
and all of life everywhere.
And may this greatness of celebration be felt all around this world
so that humanity can celebrate together
in a great rising up of joy
and happiness
and love for each other
and deep caring for, not only humanity
but for all of nature
and knowing that divine answers
and divine solutions abound in everyone and everything.
Only the good can come now,
only the great
only the beauty
only the perfect
only joy and celebration.
We are thankful for this,
which is the Great Creator
that is in and through and around all things
that is the buildings and the sky and the water
that is the electricity and the sky above
that is all of the people and the animals
that is everyone and everything
and everywhere all of the time.
We thank the response of miracles in everyone’s life.
May these miracles abound,
not only now God,
but in each and everyday of our existence.
May this be made the zone of miracles.
A place where no more harm will come,
nor devastation,
nor destruction.
That this will become now are forevermore
a land of miracles
We thank you God
for all of this and greater.
And we know with these words it is done
now and forevermore
and it is complete.

Words from group session with Audrey Cole of Wings Alive in Calgary on Sunday June 23, 2013.


Posted July 2, 2013 by Pure Leadership in In this moment, Miracle Gallery

One response to “A Prayer for Flood Recovery and the Calgary Stampede

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  1. In this great city where I was born may you all now have only health and prosperity!

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