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Wings-Alive-2015-PL-Blog-PhotoDiscover your life’s purpose April 28 —May 1, 2015

We are very fortunate to host our friend Memra Yekara, formerly known as Audrey Cole, for two special events in 2015.

Memra is a unique channeller/medium who had her abilities almost fully developed at birth. She started channeling over 30 years ago, and since then Memra has worked periodically with the police and private detectives; participated as a medium in exorcisms’—although Hollywood does a much better job, says Memra—overcame cancer; became a reiki master teacher and is an ordained minister.

In 1997, Memra began channeling archangel Haniel. This angel is very entertaining, with the quick wit of a stand-up comedian mixed with information that will take your mind into multi-dimensions; a truly remarkable and life-altering experience.

Additional information about Memra and her company “Wings Alive” can be found here.


This is an opportunity to learn about your life’s purpose and mission. Memra channels archangel Haniel, and you have the opportunity to ask questions, about your life’s purpose. If you are already engaged with your life’s purpose, this session can assist you to open your “opportunity field” even wider! Archangel Haniel will then draw your individual spirit symbol, which connects you with the success of your Life Path. She will then place angelic symbols into your hands, heart, and forehead to activate your road to accomplishing your purpose and mission in life.

DATES AVAILABLE Tuesday April 28—Friday May 1, 2015

DURATION 45-minute session

PRICE approximately US$ 225 (subject to confirmation)

LOCATION Pure Leadership #109 1170 Kensington Crescent N.W. Calgary, Alberta.



Reiki is taught at three levels; each one bringing new skills and raising the power of your Life Force energy. Level one is an introductory class designed to assist you in all levels of healing, and to achieve a deeper relationship with the Divine. For me, these teachings have formed the basis for my spiritual practice and shape the way I live my day-to-day life. Although I received my master level certification several years ago, I continue to take these classes over and over again because of all the practical knowledge and wisdom Memra shares. During class you will learn about the first stage of spiritual enlightenment and Reiki history. You will be taught the Power/Protection symbol and be attuned to it’s energy by Memra. You will also learn how to set and maintain a sacred space using the principles of Feng Shui, and perform personal Reiki treatments.

DATES Saturday May 2 – Sunday May 3, 2015

PRICE US$225 (subject to confirmation)

LOCATION Pure Leadership #109 1170 Kensington Crescent N.W. Calgary, Alberta.


We’ve hosted Memra several times here at Pure Leadership and each experience has been a huge success. We hope that you will consider joining us!



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