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The Miracle Chronicles-Rainbows   1 comment

A Lesson in Expectations-Kandis Twa

For the last week I’ve been paying attention to or, being consciously aware of the signs of miracles. I’ve seen a lot of rainbows this week. Curiously I didn’t see any of the other three signs but reflecting on it now, I can see that what I was focused on most were rainbows. One of my favourites from the week I actually got a picture of.

This box contained a shipment of our fourth book Lift the Veils to Reality, of which we had recently sold out. This lack of inventory sort of snuck up on us and we were in a rush to get more in stock so that we could meet our orders. Our printer told us we would have to wait 15 business days (an eternity!) for more books. On Friday these boxes showed up with our full order-just five days after placing the order!! The printer told me they had an unexpected cancellation and our order went to the front of the line!! This rainbow was shining right inside of the box when I opened it-miracle in a box!

The second miracle I wanted to share is related to this photo:

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Chronicling the Signs of Miracles   2 comments

A Miracle Gallery-Kandis Twa

Ever since learning about the four universal signs of a miracle, we have been keeping our eyes peeled! One of the signs of a miracle is when you see a rainbow. It is a sign that means that a miracle is happening in your life. It may take a little longer in divine timing before it fully manifests, but think of it as a sign to hang in there. It is a sign of encouragement telling you that you are doing the right things.

Here are some photos that my Mom took of some rainbows she saw last week in the Rocky Mountains

So, if you pay attention you will see the signs of a miracle in your life. When you do, snap a picture or write down. Noticing these things will invite more miracles into your life. This month I endeavour to just the same, and each Monday I will post about my miracle experiences from the week.

Many thanks to my mom for getting our Miracle Gallery started. If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them to me at and we will be happy to post them for you!

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Movements in Collective Consciousness   2 comments

Where do you get your information?-Kandis Twa

Over the last few months we have seen people from all over the world come together to protest. Our view is that the government upheavals in the Middle East reflected a shift in collective consciousness towards accountability and responsibility. As humanity continues to evolve to a more positive and cooperative paradigm, the traditional “power-over” institutions will continue to shift. The catalyst for this kind of transformation seems to be a public demonstration such as the one that is going on now in New York City. The group is called Occupy Wall Street and in keeping with the way we saw events at Tahir Square play out there are anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people who have been ‘sitting in’ for ten days now to bring further awareness to an highly unequal and disempowering financial system.

What is fascinating to me is that nobody knows that this is going on. A friend of mine, who lives in New York was informed about these events from colleagues in Europe after the demonstrators clashed with police on the weekend. This story is very quiet in main stream media.

Many people still get the majority of their information from the major news networks. Due to their wide scale consumption these sources have a formative (yet diminishing) influence on collective consciousness. Typically, popular media serves to propagate fear and anxiety, or at best it soothes these emotions with silly and distracting content. For those who are locked into main stream media, these changes in the way that society is choosing to function will appear as a destructive and frightening crumbling of a familiar civil structure.  In such an emotional state there exists an understandable reticence among many people to really examine the product of our governing institutions.  Lacking information makes it impossible for a person to evaluate whether our current institutions are really fulfilling the purpose of their original intention.  It is my understanding that they do not.  I feel that the events we are witnessing here and elsewhere in the world, are the positive evidence of a collective evolution towards a more accountable and cooperative society.

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Off the Bookshelf-“Where to Draw the Line”   Leave a comment

What We’re Reading-Kandis Twa

I have to confess that I had to pick up this book a few times before I actually started reading it with any seriousness.  But due to my ongoing efforts to master boundaries, it wasn’t long before I was really into this book.  “Where to Draw the Line” by Anne Katherine.

I love it because there’s a lot of  practical advice about setting boundaries in circumstances that most of us encounter. Such as how to deal with a friend who is habitually late or navigating family functions (a tricky one!). The book also contains some really great information about recognizing boundary violations. I am actually into this book for the second time-so far what I have really learned is that there’s plenty to learn 🙂

“A boundary is a limit that promotes integrity. By the limits you set, you protect the integrity of your day, your energy and spirit, the health of your relationships, the pursuits of your heart.”

Anne Katherine

Spiritual Toolbox-A Breathing Notebook   Leave a comment

Taking a Deep Breath- Kandis Twa

An old post but a goodie:

Here we go back to the basics…so important. Something in fact, that we all do every day and usually take for granted-breathing. A good friend of mine once said “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”.

This technique is covered in our book Change is Natural and originated from the “Complete Breath of Yogi Ramacharaka” (The Science of Breath, 1904), but I thought it would be a good to take it out, shake the dust off and invite you to remember this very important skill.

The Complete Yoga Breath:

The breath must be done through the nose because the nose filters out the nasties and warms the air so the the respiratory system is protected from the damage of cold air. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ok God-I Forgive You   2 comments

Author at Edfu Temple

How I made amends-Kandis Twa

Rich Vreeland and I have been having a good discussion about God. Rich posted a very good blog post “Don’t Look Away” on compassion last week. His post was motivated by photos he saw of people suffering from the famine that is ongoing in Eastern Africa. I remember what I used to think when I saw these kinds of photos-evidence of suffering and I couldn’t help but wonder if God loves us why do people suffer?

I put this question to Rich and bless his heart he stepped up to the plate and shared how he has reconciled this for himself. So, I believe that I better follow suit.

I don’t recall what inspired me to sit down and examine by belief systems about God. I was not brought up in a religious household so my relationship with God was not something I had ever given much thought to. But one day I did think about it, perhaps after seeing the same kind of photos that Rich wrote about, I asked myself what I did I believe about the suffering people experience all over the world and my internal dialogue went a little something like this:

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Words from the Wise   2 comments

Transformation in Religion-Kandis Twa

As of late I have been a wee bit obsessed with speeches. Listening to them and reading them rather than making them-except maybe to my husband 🙂 .  One of the most beautiful orations I have come across was made by a Native American named Red Jacket.  The original context of his speech was in 1805 (before teleprompters and professional speech writers), his job was to speak for his nation in land and religious negotiations with the United States just after their victory in the Revolutionary War. This was the time of great orations by George Washington and Samuel Adams (which I find so stirring even though I am a Canadian and know very little about American history), and this man’s words, I believe held their own in mighty company at an amazing time in history.  Now fast forward to 2011-I share part of this particular speech in the context of today as we see humanity on the brink of great changes.  Most ostensibly we see rapid and dramatic changes occurring in the financial markets around the world. All the old systems are starting to crumble so they can be rebuilt at a higher level. These changes are also occurring in our old structure of religion. Dogma is being questioned and people are remembering that divinity is within. All of this is cause for great celebration and leads me back to Red Jacket and his speech “Religion for the White Man and the Red”. They were words spoken so long ago that I find nevertheless timely and reflective of what many people are recognizing as misconceptions about the old religious guard.

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Participation in a Miracle   Leave a comment

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Transformation in Egypt   5 comments

On our last day in Egypt we had the opportunity to spend some time with Yousef Awyan and his lovely wife Patricia.  Yousef is the son of Hakim Awyan, a respected wisdom keeper and Sufi who spent his whole life exploring the mysteries of the Pyramids. Sadly, Hakim passed away several years ago now and his son Yousef is carrying on his fathers work and message.

Here is Yousef sharing his thoughts about the transformation that is occuring in humanity as we all begin to “wake up” and realize that you are much more than you were ever lead to believe. This is his interview with a  documentary film maker that we were fortunate to witness.  Here it is in its professional version…yes the background is really the view from the Awyan’s porch!

This video was filmed by our good friend PJ Ardies for an upcoming documentary film “Freedom”

To learn more about the work that Yousef and Patricia are bringing forward please visit them here.

Hakim Awyan is featured in the six part documentary series “The Pyramid Code”

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Around the world in…36ish days!   2 comments

We are home!!!

For those of you who have been wondering what has happened to us, I can tell you it’s been quite the adventure for the whole Pure Leadership team! We have been off travelling to and visiting some of the most wonderful and ancient sacred sites in the world. We’ve had our passports stamped in Egypt and China this spring and have just now returned home. Thank you a million times to all the wonderful people that we have met and who assisted us on this fantastic journey!

The purpose of the trip was to gather and to confirm information for Jim’s upcoming book “Cosmic You”. I will let him tell you all about it, but I can give you a bit of a sneak preview.  There is much more to the sacred sites of Egypt, China, Peru and Mexico that you ever may have known!

We were privileged to have travelled in Egypt with authors Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, both of whom have been pioneers in bringing forth information about the significance and value of the sacred structures in Egypt. If you are not familiar with their work I highly recommend a quick look at their websites to whet your appetite about the mystic and allure of Egypt.

In the coming days…and weeks really, we will post more about our adventures. Photos, thoughts, missives, what we learned and share some of the experiences we had along the way.

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Flow and Abundance- “It doesn’t have to be hard anymore”   2 comments

Here one for you that you can do before you even get out of bed in the morning. A seriously simple way to get into the flow of really good days! Grab a pen and press play

So, will you give this a try? Leave us comment and tell us what you think!

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Supermoon, Super Magnet   Leave a comment

In this Moment-Kandis Twa

This last weekend was a spectacular full moon. The day before I was fortunate to be in the mountains and get a picture of this beautiful moon rising. NASA calls this particular moon a perigee moon while some astrologers call it a supermoon. The moon appears larger and more brilliant in the sky because of its orbital location and phase. This combination of the moons proximity and full phase only occurs ever twenty years or so. The moon is magnetic energy and such a close full moon means that the earth is being saturated with a unique amount of magnetism. We know that we are, of course affected the larger energy field of the Earth and that what she experiences we also experience. I would imagine that such an increase in magnetic energy for the Earth also means an increase in magnetic (female) energy for ourselves. Magnetic energy is what allows us to pull experience (powered by thought and belief) into our lives. Our thoughts create our reality…good thoughts and bad thoughts. Right now appears to be a time when the magnetic power of our thoughts has increased.

In honour of this time, all of us here at Pure Leadership have taken the time to do even more housekeeping on ourselves to make sure that what we are attracting (magnetizing) into our lives is positive. Earlier this week we all took the time to write letters to everyone in our lives with whom we have any unfinished business. We all wrote out all sorts of letters, and we amazed that even people who we thought we had forgiven seemed to deserve a letter. There was some very good clearing going on!

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