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Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015   Leave a comment

lunar-eclipse-platonic-solidsHow this cosmic event affects you

“This is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning” ~Winston Churchill

As we approach the lunar eclipse this Saturday here is an overview of the themes and significance of this special cosmic event from Margaret Grey of “Cosmic Intelligence Agency”

This Lunar Eclipse marks the final ending of the planetary ‘marathon’ which started in June 2012 for all of us both individually and globally. Although the last exact Uranus Pluto square was on March 17th 2015, the fact that this Eclipse lands within 1’ of that point, marks the crossing of the finishing line for us all.

As with any Marathon, crossing the finishing line marks the end of a phase and the start of a new one. The new phase carries with it echoes of the process we went through during the Marathon. This may include sore muscles, tendons, dehydration, tiredness etc. Similarly, the next few years are going to entail recuperation, as well as an integration of the changes we made over the past 3 years. But right now our focus is on the Lunar Eclipse itself.

What is a Lunar Eclipse:

A Lunar Eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon. During a Full Moon, the Solar light of consciousness illuminates emotions that surface from deep within our unconscious. However, during a Lunar Eclipse, Earth stands in the way of this illumination. Hence, we are momentarily left immersed in total darkness, in our newly surfaced emotions. Although this is only temporary, it can help to have some tools at hand to manage and contain the emotions that come to the surface, until the Moon moves out of the shadow of the Earth. In doing so, the Sun can shine once more onto our emotions enabling them to be consciously integrated.

Some interesting things about this lunar eclipse:

This is the 3rd of 5 Lunar Eclipses on the Libra/Aries axis. The first two were in Oct 18 2013 and Oct 8 2014 The last two will be in Sept 28 2015 and March 23rd The underlying core theme of Eclipses on this Axis is the integration and balance of ‘self’ and ‘other’. How can we be fair and just with others whilst respecting who we are? As they are Cardinal signs, the emphasis is on leadership and action. However, it is interesting to note that within this Aries/Libra series, this Lunar Eclipse and the one in March 2016 are the only two that are in Libra. The others are all in Aries with the opposing Sun in Libra. This emphasizes the theme of balance and fairness with others versus self-focus. This is further enhanced by the conjunction with the North Node at 10’ Libra, as well as the sextile from Jupiter in Leo. Hence we are invited to be the peaceful civilized mediator rather than the uncouth warrior.

Copyright~2015 Margaret Grey All Rights Reserved

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Wings Alive and Memra Yekara in Calgary this Spring!   1 comment

Wings-Alive-2015-PL-Blog-PhotoDiscover your life’s purpose April 28 —May 1, 2015

We are very fortunate to host our friend Memra Yekara, formerly known as Audrey Cole, for two special events in 2015.

Memra is a unique channeller/medium who had her abilities almost fully developed at birth. She started channeling over 30 years ago, and since then Memra has worked periodically with the police and private detectives; participated as a medium in exorcisms’—although Hollywood does a much better job, says Memra—overcame cancer; became a reiki master teacher and is an ordained minister.

In 1997, Memra began channeling archangel Haniel. This angel is very entertaining, with the quick wit of a stand-up comedian mixed with information that will take your mind into multi-dimensions; a truly remarkable and life-altering experience.

Additional information about Memra and her company “Wings Alive” can be found here.

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Compassion Grows out of Vulnerability   Leave a comment

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable you receive the gift of compassion. Compassion for others arises when we recognize their vulnerability as a memory within ourselves.

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A Prayer for Flood Recovery and the Calgary Stampede   1 comment

CS-1We ask all of the land
and all of the people,
all of the homes and the businesses,
all of nature and the animals and the birds
and all of the waters
to be calm.
We ask that the great blessings and miracles be present
in each moment
and in each breath.
And like the great breath that comes from the Creator,
we ask for the winds of miracles to come through this land,
to dry out everything perfectly,
keeping everyone safe.
We ask that the great stamina,
speed and synchronicity
happen for this city and for everyone involved
so that all of the preparations for this great celebration of the Calgary Stampede
can go on not only as normal
but as great
and miraculous
that everyone within this city and everyone upon the land that has been affected
by this flood
now experiences the miracle of this land,
the great abundance of this land,
the fertile fields
and the great harvest
the abundance of joy and great happiness
and health and healing
the joy of great successes in life
of camaraderie and compassion.
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The Speech I Wish I’d Heard When I Was 21   Leave a comment

Do you remember your commencement speech? When I graduated from university our speaker was Dick Pound. While I mean no disrespect to this man, the speech was not awesome nor was it memorable. This one however is. “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace starts off with a story: two young fish are swimming by an older fish who nods at them and says “Good morning boys. How’s the water?” The two young fish swim on for a bit until one on them looks at the other and says, “What the hell is water?” It is a cute parable about how the most obvious and important realities are often the hardest to see and the most difficult to talk about. Well, here is someone talking about it…and it’s awesome!

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Signed Set of Pure Leadership books   Leave a comment

One set of our second edition boxed set is for sale. These were a limited print edition and we are making room for more edition threes. These three volumes contain all the same great foundational information in a collectors box set and signed by Jas! Click here to bid on these books on eBay!


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Are You in Synch? Getting into the Rhythm of the Universe   Leave a comment

rhythm meditationby Kandis Twa

Most of us are aware that nature functions in daily, monthly and yearly cycles. These cycles are in synchronistic flow with the rhythm of the universe. We can see this rhythm when we observe the growth cycle of plants, the movement of the tides and the behavioural patterns of animals however, many of us feel that these rhythms either do not affect us, or that we are somehow out of synch.

It is self-evident that being ‘in synch’ or in ‘the flow’ feels good and being ‘out of synch’ does not. We experience this when we dance, participate in a drum circle, play music or sport. Physiologically our bodies respond to and get into ‘rhythm’ with another person when you have a good conversation, your brain waves will fall into synch; heart cells contract simultaneously when they are brought together; and breathing rates, brain waves and heart rate are all rhythmically entrained.  Being ‘in synch’ is a natural state and your environment has the greatest impact on which rhythms your body will lock into synch with.
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How I Changed a Habit Without Even Realizing it   1 comment

decisions_universe‘Tis the Season for Resolutions…

by Kandis Twa

738 days; that is how long it has been since my last drink. I know this number-not because I am a recovering alcoholic-but because my ‘last drink’ was a particularly memorable occasion. It was News Years Eve 2011, I was in Paris and the drink was a glass of champagne offered to me by a stranger on the Champs-Élysées. I feel proud that my drinking days ended on such a high note. As a number of my friends embark on a “Sober January”, I thought I would share with you my story of how one month of sobriety turned into many.

I used to really like drinking, I would even tell you I was pretty good at it, so when I decided to stop, it was an unexpected decision for myself and those that know me. I would probably classify my drinking days as fairly average. Average as measured by a relative scale to those around me and my circumstances. Fittingly, university was certainly a peak consumption period in my life, followed of course, by a serious decline rate upon entering the working wold. So after years of being a fairly typical drinker, why did I suddenly make an unusual decision to stop? Honestly, I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore. That’s it. It wasn’t about my health, or the cost, or because I liked it too much-this was not a fear or shame motivated choice. Not at all, I was just finished. Read the rest of this entry »

Magical Christmas Chaos   Leave a comment

Rising Above to Truly Enjoy the SeasonChristmas ornaments on bush

by Kandis Twa

Christmas is a magical time of year however it can also be an extremely challenging time of year for many of us.  Why is this, and why do we seem to lose the magic of Christmas that we know is at the heart of the season?

We celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of the prophet Jesus Christ.  And while we know that Jesus was actually born somewhere closer to March or April, this time of year is still very special. Every year as we come to the end of our calendar cycle the Earth is also completing a cycle. Each year as the Earth completes its annual orbit around the sun it resets its energy. Similarly, every cell within your body also resets its energy on the new year. As we approach this time of year each one of us is in the last stages of a cycle of integration. We are integrating all of the changes we have experienced over the year in preparation for a new beginning.  It is really worth a moment to reflect on the year that you have had and all of the differences in your life over the last year. You are integrating all of that right now.  With this piece of information you can see that everyone has a lot going on!

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Why You May Consider a Morning Cup of Water Instead of Coffee   Leave a comment

coffee and waterHealthy Living Series: Water-Part Five

by Stan Sauerwein

This is the last installment of our  healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series!

 What is the perfect quantity of water to consume?

In previous articles you’ve learned about the functions of water in your physical body, how to raise the energetic vibration of the water you drink, where to determine the parts-per-million of minerals in the water you’ve chosen, and why the dyne rating is an important factor to understand if you want to make water absorption easier by your cells.  You’ve learned how you can use Sacred Codes and water structuring devices to increase the Life Force Energy in the water you drink and how you can improve the quality of your water by supplementing it with natural substances like sea salt, lemon and cucumber.

Now how does one determine the ideal quantity to drink considering your current circumstances?  Well, there is no single answer to that question.  You have to consider your physical body.

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Confident Decisions   Leave a comment

Deciphering Truth Within Yourself

by Kandis Twa

Have you ever been faced with a big opportunity and not sure if the apprehension you are feeling is normal or if somehow your intuition is trying to tell you something?

This was a big question for me about a year ago when I was given the opportunity to travel to a new country to do some really interesting work. Initially I was excited about all the new experiences I was going to have, the fascinating people I would have the chance to work with and suddenly I was really nervous; restless sleeping kind of nervous. So naturally I wondered is this nervousness coming from a forewarning kind of place or is this just the butterflies that naturally signal the start of a new adventure?

In order to feel really good about your decisions it is important to be able to distinguish between fear and guidance from your higher self; here are some suggestions.

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Quality and Quantity-Making Wiser Choices about the Water you Drink   Leave a comment

ImageHealthy Living Series: Water-Part Four

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural.  

What makes good quality water?

We’ve learned that water is abundant, and our sentience is at least partly attributable to water.  We’ve learned that drinking water is essential to how our physical body functions.  Basically, water equates to life.  But is all water created equal?

From Clayton Nolte’s research mentioned in a previous article, we realize that structured water is one of the best ways to consume this life-giving, miraculous substance.  We’ve also learned that we can use sacred codes to energize and purify the water we drink.  We’ve learned that with the appropriate belief system, we could drink contaminated water and our body would purify it and generate the minerals it needs. It would literally transmute ‘bad stuff’ into ‘good stuff’. However, until you have achieved that belief and the necessary level of vibration, the quality of the water you begin with is obviously important.

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