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Forgiveness-Why it is Easier than you Think   1 comment

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Free Excerpt from Change is Natural

Granted, forgiveness is a big topic and to some people it seems just exhausting to think about, but the underlying principle of it is quite simple. Forgiveness means that you no longer wish to carry it forward. ‘It’ of course can be situations, experiences, wrong doings or whatever it is that you feel is still out there-unfinished and unforgiven. In other words you’ve made a decision to leave it behind, to be done with it. Where we get confused is a lot of us believe that forgiveness means to pardon, that what happened doesn’t matter. That is not true, what happens in our life means a great deal, but the choice we make is about how long we want to carry the weight of that negative experience. I’ve also heard forgiveness as being defined as ‘giving up the hope that the past could have been different’.

When I came to an understanding of forgiveness from this perspective, it shifted a lot of things for me. I made up a list of all the people, including (and especially) myself that I wanted to forgive-it was a long list. It took some reflection but once I started the list came together pretty quickly; grade one teacher, ex-boyfriends, the guys who give parking tickets…There is a great prayer of forgiveness from our friends at Ish-a-tah that I used and then burned the list. To say it changed everything will sound a bit extreme. but it shifted everything and it was simple-I just made a choice.

Chapter 25 of Change is Natural is dedicated to the topic of forgiveness. Titled, Clearing your Field for More of What you Want to Come into your Life, it explains how forgiveness brings about a clearing within your energetic field. It’s a short chapter, only a couple of pages long but I hope that you find it to be informative and inspiring.

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Divine DNA   2 comments

Why I Decided to Change my DNA

by Kandis Twa

Did you know that your DNA can change? Many years ago scientists did not believe that your DNA could change after you are born. Now, thanks to new fields of research such as epigenetics and pioneers like Dr. Bruce Lipton, scientist now do agree that yes, indeed your DNA changes and in fact it changes quite a lot. The magnificence of your DNA is that it is a sound and light signaling system that retains all of your beliefs and experiences at a multitude of levels.

So, what determines what it records and what it doesn’t record? Your emotions. Whenever there is an experience of  strong emotions-be it great joy or great fear and sadness-that will imprint onto the DNA.  Just as your emotions today are influencing your DNA so did the emotions of your ancestors affect your DNA. The DNA you were born with is not a blank slate. It is an inherited canvas that has been painted upon by the emotions of your ancestors, up to four generations back. And, there is a good reason for this. The reason is that when strong emotions can imprint the DNA then you do not have to repeat the lessons of your ancestors.

This means that we are all carrying around all of the feelings and beliefs of our ancestors. This is a blessing as we all inherit the amazing courage and love that our ancestors experienced, but the problem is that we also inherit many emotions that do not fit our lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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Update for Workshop Attendees: Overrider and Master Guards- Jas Malcolm

I feel it important that people understand that as more of your spirit enters your body in 2012  you can experience physical challenges. Your spirit will be so active in 2012 that your physical will have difficulty keeping up. When the shift happened in September I began to notice all sorts of changes in my physical. Firstly my left knee swelled up like a big softball and I walked with a limp for awhile. As that went down, as of writing this note, my right arm is very sore and difficult to hold over my head. Am I ill and requiring medical attention? No, it is a ‘mirror’ of what I’m resisting with my new spirit entering my body. In September you received a whole new chakra system.  I’m not suggesting you don’t seek medical advice if you require it, I’m sharing perspective as our bodies are clearing and adjusting to the new high vibrations. Where there is resistance, well that’s a mirror for work to be done. The medical professionals would have difficulty diagnosing what is going on in my body, for instance. Cranial sacral work is quite helpful at this stage as you’re body is seeking a new rhythm.

The most elegant way to change your life and the most thorough entails the processes outlined in Lift the Veils to Reality that deal with Master Guards and the Overrider. Up until September 97% of all people had an active Overrider. With the shift in humanity in September that number is now 47%.  If you’re reading this odds are you’re in the 47%.

I wish to spend a moment updating those who’ve read the book and are using the Master Guard/Overrider processes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Taking Care of Yourself: Your Greatest Investment for 2012-Jas Malcolm

2012 is going to be an amazing year, because so many folks have been misled and continue to stray into fear. It’s going to have quite a few moments where you’ll want to be using these tools and the others in the books. There’s nothing that will happen in 2012 though that will upset the person of high self esteem – self love.

Remember the Mayan calendar ending is a non-event that happened in 1998 when the Divine Grid was re-anchored to Earth. Everyone on the planet today is on the Homo Luminous path.  The chaos that is necessary for the shift of humanity’s collective consciousness to a homo-luminous state is going to “rock on” in 2012. One of your gifts is the ‘gift of choice’. That’s right, free will. The Pure Leadership books have been delivered to give you the tools to embrace these changes in your personal life. When you do, you will manifest and receive what you desire. Remember, in Lift the Veils to Reality I reveal you’re entitled to love, bliss, rapture and abundance. If you don’t have them now and continually in 2012 – well that’s your mirror.

You change the world by changing you. The book Lift the Veils to Reality remains more relevant today than ever before, as does the belief work in Change is Natural (p.103-164). Daily, I suggest, you focus on a manifestation exercise (Change is Natural  p.453) and spend some dedicated meditation quiet time. Pay attention to everything in your life because it is all a mirror for what is going on within your energy field. The first defense is to remove the limiting beliefs that your daily mirrors reveal and install a new high vibration belief (Change is Natural  p.103-164) Read the rest of this entry »

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Poverty Consciousness Shifting out of the World Financial System- Jas Malcolm

The review of these externalities for the reader is so that you can relax and remember the rapture – the divine flow in all things. Fear based concerns about the Earth are misplaced.  Let us review a very important principle taught in all workshops.

If I meet someone begging on the sidewalk, I can feel sorry for them and give them money. That is fear based and accentuates their problem. It’s like people with concerns going to assist earthquake victims. The energy of ‘concern’ they carry exacerbates the problem. You’ll remember that if I feel wealthy and generous then I can give to the begging individual and the energy they receive from me will be more important than the contribution. Similarly, if I’m feeling wealthy and grateful and I go to assist a victim, they will be benefited. This is important to remember because the Earth is going to experience increased earthquake activity in 2012 as she re-balances herself.  This is a natural process. Understand that if you live on the Earth this is some of the risk we eternal beings expose ourselves to – no risk – no joy.

All this reference to poverty consciousness versus wealth consciousness brings us full circle to a discussion of the economy.  As the reader’s aware, I’m on record as saying that the financial economy will continue to breakdown in order that a better, higher vibration, ‘exchange based’ economy can emerge. This is something always on the top of everyone’s mind because we’re entitled to have some energetic foundation upon which we can guide our lives and personal growth. I wish I could tell you that the financial volatility is all behind us, however, if you’re following the European quagmire you may realize that there are some ‘big shoes’ to fall. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pure Leadership 2011 Christmas Message-Part Four   5 comments

Reclaiming Health and Natural Healing- Jas Malcolm

I hope that now you are starting to get the picture?  Each year you’re seeing massive changes, positive changes, in the Earth and her inhabitants and 2012 will be no exception! Did you know less people are getting sick?  Yes, I’ve been told that some hospitals in the United States have had to shut down for lack of business:)

In the upcoming year we’ll see a huge push from ‘the other team’ to shut down naturopathic medicine. It is so offensive that people doing great work have to suffer the abuse of the ‘powers that be’, but these souls are up to the challenge.  Pure Leadership provided some small support this year for one such gentleman, Dr. Burzynzki  “ a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist who won the largest, and possible the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food &Drug Administration in American history”.  I highly recommend his movie Cancer is Serious Buisness to give everyone perspective.  I’m happy to say  that the persecution of naturopathy and natural medicines will be opposed by humanity and by mid – 2012 the ‘old way of big money pharmaceutical medicine’ will be rejected by humanity in a very unambiguous way. I’m sure you’ll agree that this, again, will result in a massively positive shift in our society and, although cost is not the factor I’m most concerned with, I do appreciate the massive resources this can free up in society. And the shift of health will continue into the fields as well. The law suit initiated by hundreds of thousands of organic farmers against Monsanto is a blessing for all of humanity.

For more information on the changing state of health care, please see Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why That’s Changing (Chapter 14) (2010) by Jas Malcolm available at

Tomorrow-Part Five: Poverty-Consciousness Shifting out of the World Financial System

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Shifting Toward Pollution-Free Energy Sources- Jas Malcolm

In the past years I’ve investigated a lot about the new coming changes in energy for humanity. Here I’m talking about fuels.  I continue to say that we’re on the brink of a shift in collective consciousness towards new types of energies. There are sea changes afoot which will see humanity embrace the imploding technologies and reject the exploding technologies. This is consistent with the very strong ‘green’ thinking that has moved to the forefront. For example, I was introduced this year to an engine that runs on inert gases. This closed system is an imploding system with zero pollution and on 44 cents of inert gases the engine will run for 144,000 miles.

Then there’s Paul Pantone’s ongoing work with magnetism, and the work of many others in the same vein, all bringing forward engines fueled by water [see Brown’s gas or HHO for those who wish to familiarize themselves].  I don’t feel they’ll be in the market until humanity makes the shift in consciousness in 2013 or 2014.

In the meantime, the Pure Leadership News Network has been monitoring  some of the new scientific awareness about energy. That includes a theoretical physicist’s proof that energy can be obtained from sound for example. Using new mathematical principles the physicist believes  ambient sound could be converted to electrical energy and therefore useful power. More information on this concept can be found at Pure News Network

Canadian researchers have even looked to our oceans and lakes in new ways to help solve a global demand for energy. Another article on the Network explains how two Ryerson University researchers have taken the search for nondestructive energy sources  underwater. Bodies of water offer predictable amounts of energy, and in some cases, require smaller infrastructure (and less capital investment) to extract energy. Even better, harnessing marine energy is also more environmentally sustainable  Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking forward to 2012 -Jas Malcolm

Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope that however you are enjoying this holiday season-either with friends and family, or in reflective quiet of winter solitude -that you joyful and healthy! Here we bring you our Christmas message from Jas Malcolm. Included are several practical suggestions and positive tools for optimal health and happiness for you to consider as we enter a new year. All of this in an seven part series that we will publish over the next few days. Enjoy!

I kind of felt invisible this year as I didn’t conduct a single workshop.  I was so intensely involved in my own growth this year that remained my focus.  The lovely Kandis has kept you apprised of our travels to Egypt and China, and I also spent a considerable time in South America.  The learning for the new book series has been profound. I’m beginning to understand how the sacred sites and the cosmos work together in the same way your consciousness does.

Yes, you are cosmic in nature. It’s a misconception that you build your body from the Earth, rather you build it with cosmic dust.  These new books are so exciting however, there’s a lot more to share from this year.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Taking a Deep Breath- Kandis Twa

An old post but a goodie:

Here we go back to the basics…so important. Something in fact, that we all do every day and usually take for granted-breathing. A good friend of mine once said “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”.

This technique is covered in our book Change is Natural and originated from the “Complete Breath of Yogi Ramacharaka” (The Science of Breath, 1904), but I thought it would be a good to take it out, shake the dust off and invite you to remember this very important skill.

The Complete Yoga Breath:

The breath must be done through the nose because the nose filters out the nasties and warms the air so the the respiratory system is protected from the damage of cold air. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Correction Notice on Ayuhuasca

In a previous edition of “Change is Natural” it is written that the Ayuhuasca plant is a pure plant. After gather more information and reflecting on some personal experiences we wish to issue the following correction notice. Please take from this information what you will. Thank you.

I’m a director of the Amazon Herb Company and have had the pleasure of spending a reasonable amount of time in the Amazon ‘up river’. We have 14 joint ventures with tribes in the jungle and I’ve been able to visit a number of them.

On these journey’s ayuhausca is much discussed, and often consumed by my companions. From their re-counting of their experiences I’ve been able to observe and learn a considerable amount about ayuhausca.

As I state in my books, I believed the plant was ‘pure’ and it was the ‘purity’ of the plant that caused people to vomit and evacuate their bowels after consumption. This made some sense to me. After all, so many people have low vibration beliefs in their ‘field’, a pure substance would cause those negative beliefs to be brought to the surface.

However, I had a very recent experience with ayuhausca regarding a woman who attended one of my workshops. This experience has changed my mind on ayuhuasca.

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Since the last edition of the books were written there has been more and more information brought to light that has Jim wishing to issue a “correction notice” if you will about two topics covered in the books.At the time, when the books were first written we felt that the books were close to 100% accurate…we can see now that these two points require some clarification.
The first correction relates to water and its ability, or rather inability to “hold memory”. I will post this one first (the other tomorrow) and I think that Jim does a really good job of distilling the subtle but significant difference between memory and intention.

As always we invite you to consider all of the information here, in the books and in our workshops and take from it what you will. Thank you!

A Correction Notice on Water:

The first error has to do with water.  Based upon some of the great work done by Jacques Benaviste I had concluded that water ‘holds memory’.  This is a commonly held understanding and often quoted by more and more of the science community today, and universally by the metaphysical community. This had been my understanding as well, but as I moved into investigating the elements I was informed that this was a misconception. Water, in fact, breaks down memory. This makes complete sense now that I’ve realized that water is anti-matter [rather than matter].  It makes sense that the exploding vortex of anti-matter would take apart memories and in the grand schema of the universe important that it does so – otherwise we’d all be consuming the memories of everyone else.

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Raising the vibration of what you consume

Easy… the best things in life are easy and free. This code is both!

By now you know that codes work because they affect the mathematical matrix upon which we and all things are formed. So saying a code vibrates the matrix in accordance with those numbers. That is the information behind it but, like all things that we offer here try this out and see the results for yourself.

This code is a blessing for your food, your water, anything you eat or drink.

Move your open hand in a circle, clockwise, passing over what you’re going to raise the vibration of three times. While you do this say out loud, a single number with each revolution. With the first it’s 9, with the second it’s 9, and with the third it’s 5.

This code dissolves duality and raises the vibration of whatever you choose to use it on.

Above, what you see are two pictures of a drop of water. The photos were taken with a  specialized camera which captures the photon emissions of the water. In other words it is a visualization of the amount of light in that particular water drop. Things that are full of high vibration energy will have a lot of light and things which are low vibration cannot hold much light. The photo on the left the amount of light in a drop of distilled water. The photo on the right is that same drop of water after it has been blessed with this code.

Dr. Masuro Emoto has done similar experiments to the one above in order to demonstrate the effects of different emotions on the structure of water. His work is published in a wonderful book called “Messages from Water”. In his method he takes a picture of a frozen, crystallized  molecules of water that have been exposed to different circumstances. In this case water viles were exposed to different words.  On the left is water that had the words “You fool” on its bottle. The photo on the right shows water after being exposed to the word “Thank you” in Japanese.

What is important is not so much the blessing that you use, or the language that you say it in (mathematical or otherwise), but the emotion that you transmit to that which you consume. How you feel about the food that you eat or the water that you drink changes its structure, makes it easier or more difficult to digest and affects the amount and type of energy that our body can receive from it.

So blessings are wonderful and this one is so easy, but minimally think “thank you” before you take that next bite. I assure you it will make a big difference!

More about codes

More tips from our “Spiritual Toolbox”

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