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Shifting Toward Pollution-Free Energy Sources- Jas Malcolm

In the past years I’ve investigated a lot about the new coming changes in energy for humanity. Here I’m talking about fuels.  I continue to say that we’re on the brink of a shift in collective consciousness towards new types of energies. There are sea changes afoot which will see humanity embrace the imploding technologies and reject the exploding technologies. This is consistent with the very strong ‘green’ thinking that has moved to the forefront. For example, I was introduced this year to an engine that runs on inert gases. This closed system is an imploding system with zero pollution and on 44 cents of inert gases the engine will run for 144,000 miles.

Then there’s Paul Pantone’s ongoing work with magnetism, and the work of many others in the same vein, all bringing forward engines fueled by water [see Brown’s gas or HHO for those who wish to familiarize themselves].  I don’t feel they’ll be in the market until humanity makes the shift in consciousness in 2013 or 2014.

In the meantime, the Pure Leadership News Network has been monitoring  some of the new scientific awareness about energy. That includes a theoretical physicist’s proof that energy can be obtained from sound for example. Using new mathematical principles the physicist believes  ambient sound could be converted to electrical energy and therefore useful power. More information on this concept can be found at Pure News Network

Canadian researchers have even looked to our oceans and lakes in new ways to help solve a global demand for energy. Another article on the Network explains how two Ryerson University researchers have taken the search for nondestructive energy sources  underwater. Bodies of water offer predictable amounts of energy, and in some cases, require smaller infrastructure (and less capital investment) to extract energy. Even better, harnessing marine energy is also more environmentally sustainable  Read the rest of this entry »


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Pure Leadership 2011 Christmas Message-Part Two   2 comments

Shifting Away from our Traditional Energy Sources- Jas Malcolm

Much of the main stream has been trumpeting nuclear fission as a non-polluting source of energy. The Pure Leadership readers know that fission is pollution by definition. Therefore, the Fukushima nuclear disaster we saw this year was necessary, though unfortunate, to shift Japan away from nuclear fission as a source of power generation. Nuclear fission will now begin to fade away as humanity has seen the risks associated with it. I visited with a nuclear expert who said that the planning of those Japanese nuclear facilities was very thorough and the event that occurred was so unlikely as to almost be implausible, however, it DID happen. It was necessary for humanity to shift collective consciousness away from nuclear fission. Remember, the BP disaster in the Gulf last year?  Well, that event shifted humanity’s consciousness to reject oil as a fuel. So let’s talk about oil.

I live in Calgary. Calgary is an oil town, so what do these coming advancements mean for our local economy? I suggest that they’ll have a very large impact. The long term trend in power generation has been to move up the hydrogen chain. As you move away from coal to oil less carbon is produced. As you move from oil to natural gas even less carbon is produced. Within the context of hydrocarbons this is a prudent direction to move.  The price of oil has been affected by its shortage and the perception of peak oil. Peak oil is a term coined to mean that we are nearing the maximum rate with which oil can be extracted from the earth. However, it will soon be shown that oil is generated by the Earth herself (abiogenic petroleum origin).  It is one of Earth’s five natural lubricants. The historical wisdom has been that oil is a by-product of plant mass transformed by millions of years of heat and pressure. The scientist Thomas Gold began presenting a different theory for the origins of oil back in the 1970’s. The Russians, and I suspect others, began exploring for oil in bedrock a long time ago. In fact, there was a well drilled in Alberta based upon this premise some years ago.  What was very controversial when Gold first suggested it will become more widely known shortly. The Earth produces oil.  This shift in the understanding of how oil is formed is going to change oil exploration dramatically. For us Calgarians we’ll want to have some plans to adapt to the resultant shift in our local economy. For the rest of the world this awareness will be wonderful news. After all, the largest market in the world is the oil market. This means a huge amount of the gross domestic product [what people generate] is expended on a substance which will fall dramatically in price. Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking forward to 2012 -Jas Malcolm

Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope that however you are enjoying this holiday season-either with friends and family, or in reflective quiet of winter solitude -that you joyful and healthy! Here we bring you our Christmas message from Jas Malcolm. Included are several practical suggestions and positive tools for optimal health and happiness for you to consider as we enter a new year. All of this in an seven part series that we will publish over the next few days. Enjoy!

I kind of felt invisible this year as I didn’t conduct a single workshop.  I was so intensely involved in my own growth this year that remained my focus.  The lovely Kandis has kept you apprised of our travels to Egypt and China, and I also spent a considerable time in South America.  The learning for the new book series has been profound. I’m beginning to understand how the sacred sites and the cosmos work together in the same way your consciousness does.

Yes, you are cosmic in nature. It’s a misconception that you build your body from the Earth, rather you build it with cosmic dust.  These new books are so exciting however, there’s a lot more to share from this year.

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This made me smile today-Kandis Twa

The Dali Lama was recently asked what aspect of the world he felt was most surprising. I love his response.

“Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; He lives as if he’s never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived”

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Movements in Collective Consciousness   2 comments

Where do you get your information?-Kandis Twa

Over the last few months we have seen people from all over the world come together to protest. Our view is that the government upheavals in the Middle East reflected a shift in collective consciousness towards accountability and responsibility. As humanity continues to evolve to a more positive and cooperative paradigm, the traditional “power-over” institutions will continue to shift. The catalyst for this kind of transformation seems to be a public demonstration such as the one that is going on now in New York City. The group is called Occupy Wall Street and in keeping with the way we saw events at Tahir Square play out there are anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people who have been ‘sitting in’ for ten days now to bring further awareness to an highly unequal and disempowering financial system.

What is fascinating to me is that nobody knows that this is going on. A friend of mine, who lives in New York was informed about these events from colleagues in Europe after the demonstrators clashed with police on the weekend. This story is very quiet in main stream media.

Many people still get the majority of their information from the major news networks. Due to their wide scale consumption these sources have a formative (yet diminishing) influence on collective consciousness. Typically, popular media serves to propagate fear and anxiety, or at best it soothes these emotions with silly and distracting content. For those who are locked into main stream media, these changes in the way that society is choosing to function will appear as a destructive and frightening crumbling of a familiar civil structure.  In such an emotional state there exists an understandable reticence among many people to really examine the product of our governing institutions.  Lacking information makes it impossible for a person to evaluate whether our current institutions are really fulfilling the purpose of their original intention.  It is my understanding that they do not.  I feel that the events we are witnessing here and elsewhere in the world, are the positive evidence of a collective evolution towards a more accountable and cooperative society.

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Ok God-I Forgive You   2 comments

Author at Edfu Temple

How I made amends-Kandis Twa

Rich Vreeland and I have been having a good discussion about God. Rich posted a very good blog post “Don’t Look Away” on compassion last week. His post was motivated by photos he saw of people suffering from the famine that is ongoing in Eastern Africa. I remember what I used to think when I saw these kinds of photos-evidence of suffering and I couldn’t help but wonder if God loves us why do people suffer?

I put this question to Rich and bless his heart he stepped up to the plate and shared how he has reconciled this for himself. So, I believe that I better follow suit.

I don’t recall what inspired me to sit down and examine by belief systems about God. I was not brought up in a religious household so my relationship with God was not something I had ever given much thought to. But one day I did think about it, perhaps after seeing the same kind of photos that Rich wrote about, I asked myself what I did I believe about the suffering people experience all over the world and my internal dialogue went a little something like this:

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Words from the Wise   2 comments

Transformation in Religion-Kandis Twa

As of late I have been a wee bit obsessed with speeches. Listening to them and reading them rather than making them-except maybe to my husband 🙂 .  One of the most beautiful orations I have come across was made by a Native American named Red Jacket.  The original context of his speech was in 1805 (before teleprompters and professional speech writers), his job was to speak for his nation in land and religious negotiations with the United States just after their victory in the Revolutionary War. This was the time of great orations by George Washington and Samuel Adams (which I find so stirring even though I am a Canadian and know very little about American history), and this man’s words, I believe held their own in mighty company at an amazing time in history.  Now fast forward to 2011-I share part of this particular speech in the context of today as we see humanity on the brink of great changes.  Most ostensibly we see rapid and dramatic changes occurring in the financial markets around the world. All the old systems are starting to crumble so they can be rebuilt at a higher level. These changes are also occurring in our old structure of religion. Dogma is being questioned and people are remembering that divinity is within. All of this is cause for great celebration and leads me back to Red Jacket and his speech “Religion for the White Man and the Red”. They were words spoken so long ago that I find nevertheless timely and reflective of what many people are recognizing as misconceptions about the old religious guard.

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Why all the Debt Ceiling Drama?   2 comments

Amazing Financial Markets-Jas Malcolm

Well I may be failing ‘blogging school’ as I just haven’t had time to post anything since my Egyptian ‘share’.  Here at Pure Leadership we’re riding a rocket ship.  I’m so excited about the new information coming through on the sacred sites and feel these next three books will be block busters for people who really like to understand their cosmic selves and the sacred sites in Egypt and China and elsewhere.  However, this post is a quick note on the world financial system.

It is just such joy to be watching the existing books you’ve read come true.

I feel that the world financial system is teetering again.  Some of the things that will occur will be the collapse of the Euro. It has to collapse because for individuals to ‘self actualize’ who they are they can’t be bound under one currency.  These countries with different cultures will be breaking out to express their greatness and no German citizen is going to be held back by an angry individual in Greece. The energies just won’t be compatible. Now, I will say that the powers that be will attempt to try to tell you that the Euro hasn’t failed because they will not wish to admit they were wrong.

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Transformation in Egypt   5 comments

On our last day in Egypt we had the opportunity to spend some time with Yousef Awyan and his lovely wife Patricia.  Yousef is the son of Hakim Awyan, a respected wisdom keeper and Sufi who spent his whole life exploring the mysteries of the Pyramids. Sadly, Hakim passed away several years ago now and his son Yousef is carrying on his fathers work and message.

Here is Yousef sharing his thoughts about the transformation that is occuring in humanity as we all begin to “wake up” and realize that you are much more than you were ever lead to believe. This is his interview with a  documentary film maker that we were fortunate to witness.  Here it is in its professional version…yes the background is really the view from the Awyan’s porch!

This video was filmed by our good friend PJ Ardies for an upcoming documentary film “Freedom”

To learn more about the work that Yousef and Patricia are bringing forward please visit them here.

Hakim Awyan is featured in the six part documentary series “The Pyramid Code”

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Since the last edition of the books were written there has been more and more information brought to light that has Jim wishing to issue a “correction notice” if you will about two topics covered in the books.At the time, when the books were first written we felt that the books were close to 100% accurate…we can see now that these two points require some clarification.
The first correction relates to water and its ability, or rather inability to “hold memory”. I will post this one first (the other tomorrow) and I think that Jim does a really good job of distilling the subtle but significant difference between memory and intention.

As always we invite you to consider all of the information here, in the books and in our workshops and take from it what you will. Thank you!

A Correction Notice on Water:

The first error has to do with water.  Based upon some of the great work done by Jacques Benaviste I had concluded that water ‘holds memory’.  This is a commonly held understanding and often quoted by more and more of the science community today, and universally by the metaphysical community. This had been my understanding as well, but as I moved into investigating the elements I was informed that this was a misconception. Water, in fact, breaks down memory. This makes complete sense now that I’ve realized that water is anti-matter [rather than matter].  It makes sense that the exploding vortex of anti-matter would take apart memories and in the grand schema of the universe important that it does so – otherwise we’d all be consuming the memories of everyone else.

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An Amazing Sight-Kandis Twa   Leave a comment

“A Ghost City appeared above Xin’an River on June 16th.  It looks like any other city skyline with skyscrapers, a few mountains and trees – except it isn’t real.  As mist settled over the river at dusk, tall buildings appeared to rise from nowhere, leading residents in nearby Huanshan City to speculate that the vision may be a “vortex” to a lost civilisation.” Read more

I believe that witnessing amazing sights like this give us all hope and remind us that there is something greater within ourselves. We could see this hope starting to spring up everywhere among people when we were in China and I see this occurrence as divine validation!

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The flow of life…

Four AM comes mighty early to me. Alas it was necessary to rise so we could get to the stables and climb aboard our camels. Robert Bauval, bless him, was giving us an opportunity to ride through the desert for an early cup of tea with the Bedouin and a view of the sun rising over the pyramids on the Giza plateau.  Now, these things can sound more adventuresome then they are. Your camel is attached to another camel which is attached to another camel which is attached to someone who knows a great deal about camels.  Nevertheless, you can move your life from being led to being the leader …

Our ride to sunrise was uneventful, the tea was great albeit the wind blows cold in the desert at that hour. I hope Kandis shares with you the great photo of her greeting the morning sun on the plateau. A joyful moment indeed and so perfectly expressed by her.

Egypt is all about ‘baksheesh’, which is another word for ‘graft’. You’ll find it difficult in Egypt to go to the bathroom without someone having their hand out for money.  In fact, on the morning of the camel ride I waded out into the desert to relieve myself with some Egyptian in hot pursuit yelling about heavens knows what. Upon my return to the group he, of course, had his hand out for ‘baksheesh’. I guess he owns the desert. Read the rest of this entry »

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