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A Prayer for Flood Recovery and the Calgary Stampede   1 comment

CS-1We ask all of the land
and all of the people,
all of the homes and the businesses,
all of nature and the animals and the birds
and all of the waters
to be calm.
We ask that the great blessings and miracles be present
in each moment
and in each breath.
And like the great breath that comes from the Creator,
we ask for the winds of miracles to come through this land,
to dry out everything perfectly,
keeping everyone safe.
We ask that the great stamina,
speed and synchronicity
happen for this city and for everyone involved
so that all of the preparations for this great celebration of the Calgary Stampede
can go on not only as normal
but as great
and miraculous
that everyone within this city and everyone upon the land that has been affected
by this flood
now experiences the miracle of this land,
the great abundance of this land,
the fertile fields
and the great harvest
the abundance of joy and great happiness
and health and healing
the joy of great successes in life
of camaraderie and compassion.
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A Miracle Hug   Leave a comment

Back home from my latest adventure to India-what a beautiful country! Getting life reorganized here at Pure Leadership and will be posting here as usual, very soon. In the meantime  I wish to share this miracle of a newborn baby, who was pronounced dead and brought back to life through the love of his parents.

Full interview with the parents on the Today Show

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The Miracle Chronicles-Feathers   1 comment

A Miracle Mindset-Kandis Twa

As part of a mini on-going series on miracles I have been spending time paying attention to the signs of a miracle. A couple of weeks ago the only signs I encountered were rainbows and this past week it appears to be feathers-everywhere I go. When you see a feather-just like it was put there for you to see it-it is a sign that miracles are happening all around you. When I see a feather, I know that it is as a reminder to pay attention to coincidences. On the weekend I was at the grocery store and there was a little white feather sitting right in the cart!

So acknowledge the miracles in your life, get into a miracle mind state,  when you do this instead of just brushing them off  you invite in even more miracles.  The two affirmations that I use and really like for bringing in more miracles are:

1. From Deepak Chopra; “Today I release all greivances and I chose miracles”

2. From Ish-a-tah; “I am the miracle and everything in my life reflects that”


Here are a few photos of the feathers that I saw last week-hope you also have a wonderful week full of miracles.

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The Miracle Chronicles-Rainbows   1 comment

A Lesson in Expectations-Kandis Twa

For the last week I’ve been paying attention to or, being consciously aware of the signs of miracles. I’ve seen a lot of rainbows this week. Curiously I didn’t see any of the other three signs but reflecting on it now, I can see that what I was focused on most were rainbows. One of my favourites from the week I actually got a picture of.

This box contained a shipment of our fourth book Lift the Veils to Reality, of which we had recently sold out. This lack of inventory sort of snuck up on us and we were in a rush to get more in stock so that we could meet our orders. Our printer told us we would have to wait 15 business days (an eternity!) for more books. On Friday these boxes showed up with our full order-just five days after placing the order!! The printer told me they had an unexpected cancellation and our order went to the front of the line!! This rainbow was shining right inside of the box when I opened it-miracle in a box!

The second miracle I wanted to share is related to this photo:

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Chronicling the Signs of Miracles   2 comments

A Miracle Gallery-Kandis Twa

Ever since learning about the four universal signs of a miracle, we have been keeping our eyes peeled! One of the signs of a miracle is when you see a rainbow. It is a sign that means that a miracle is happening in your life. It may take a little longer in divine timing before it fully manifests, but think of it as a sign to hang in there. It is a sign of encouragement telling you that you are doing the right things.

Here are some photos that my Mom took of some rainbows she saw last week in the Rocky Mountains

So, if you pay attention you will see the signs of a miracle in your life. When you do, snap a picture or write down. Noticing these things will invite more miracles into your life. This month I endeavour to just the same, and each Monday I will post about my miracle experiences from the week.

Many thanks to my mom for getting our Miracle Gallery started. If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them to me at and we will be happy to post them for you!

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Friday Favourites-Miracles!   Leave a comment

Miracle Reminder-Kandis Twa

So this friday our fav thing is witnessing miracles, or in my case remembering to witness miracles. We did a really good post a little while back on the four signs of a miracle. When you know what these signs are you will realize that you see these everyday. This is a picture I took in a restaurant washroom, it was a good reminder for me ‘Oh, yeah pay attention to miracles’, they literally are happening everywhere.

Do you have any miracle pictures?

Have an excellent weekend.

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The Four Universal Signs of a Miracle   Leave a comment

A Sunburst-the fourth sign of a miracle

How to Recognize When a Miracle is on its Way-Kandis Twa

I saw the Dali Lama on television last night and he was talking about one of my very favourite subjects. Miracles. He said that “a miracle is anything that is unexpected”. You can probably recall days where you notice miracles all around you. Your coffee is especially tasty or parking spots magically open up for you. Coincidences are not coincidences but miracles. Some of you know already that there are actually four universal signs of a miracle.

The first one is a feather. A feather that is right there on the ground as you are walking. Almost like it has been put there just for you to see. This is a sign that miracles are happening all around you, so pay attention and acknowledge coincidences.

The second sign is when a bird darts in front of your path. You might be walking, or driving in a car, or looking out a window when a bird flies quickly in front of you. Almost startling. This means that a miracle is imminent. A big miracle that you asked for is ready for you to receive. Read the rest of this entry »

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