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ImageA Positive Social Revelation

by Kandis Twa

Ok, full disclosure, I’ve been on Facebook and had all of the following thoughts: I do not like that haircut, those are terrible shoes, there they go bragging again, that’s a bad baby name, who cares about your dog. These, and many other thoughts which I am not proud of have gone through my head! So, I’m going out on a limb here but, I don’t think I’m alone. What’s more, is that I know this is very grade six behaviour but I believe that this kind of thinking is so habitual that we don’t realize firstly, how much we engage in it, nor that it has a huge impact on our lives. So here’s why you may want to be really honest with yourself and pay attention to what you are thinking as you scroll and click you way through your friends latest posts. Read the rest of this entry »


Why your Body Loves a Glass of Water   1 comment

ImageHealthy Living Series: Water-Part Three

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a Healthy Living Series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural.

What does water do in my body?

If we don’t know the many ways that water functions in our physical body, we’re not likely to care very much about the quality or the quantity of water we drink.  We might even assume we’re getting enough water from our daily dose of latte or caffeinated tea, and the three or four more cups of java or cans of soda we might slurp (when we feel we need that little energy boost), or that frothy glass of beer after work (which we’ve misconceived is going to calm things back down). Seemingly, many people think that is the way to hydrate.  In fact, it’s been estimated that 40% of the North American population is in a chronic state of dehydration because so many of us have that impression.  Some people are in a state of dehydration for so long they’ve actually lost the ability to recognize when they are thirsty!

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Healthy Living Series: Water-Part Two

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural. 

 What’s so special about water?

When we went to high school, chemistry classes always began the same way.  We learned about water.  We were told it was inert and biologically neutral.  That it was nature’s ideal solvent and diluent and not much else.  Distilled water, stripped of any polluting minerals, was non-reactive and therefore perfect for chemical experimentation.  We were told that water was the simplest compound on Earth, just the combination of the two most common reactive elements – two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom.  In fact, our teachers often relegated water to the lowest strata in the pantheon of substances we had to learn about in science.

Were they lacking a tremendous amount of very valuable information?

As we gained awareness, we discovered there was much more to learn about water.  Much, much more.  Water transports, lubricates, reacts, stabilizes, signals, structures, partitions and even burns.  As a liquid, water is much denser than expected and yet as a solid it is much lighter than expected.  We began to realize that water – transparent, odorless, tasteless and ubiquitous – is actually a miraculous substance.  It is the element of life.   We learned that water is, in fact, life itself.

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What I’m Buying, Selling and Why

by Jas Malcolm

Gold and Silver are both weakening with gold almost freefalling these last couple of days. It is interesting to see Silver holding up much better than gold, as anticipated. I hope that people heeded my reflections and exited the stock markets as these markets are really looking dangerous.

I’ve sold almost 100% of my gold and silver stocks. I’m taking losses but that is my choice. Take losses and make a new choice. As I sell I continue to average in to buying silver in the Sprott Mutual Fund and Trust units mentioned in Februrary. I will continue to average in from now until July 15th unless I see silver reversing and going higher in which case I will accelerate my rate of purchasing. I average in because in these manipulated markets I have no way of fundamentally knowing when silver should go up, or when the government will bring it down. Therefore every week I buy more on down days.

Nothing has changed from my comments in January and February. I believe gold, and more so silver, are the way to preserve ones wealth and grow it this year, however, there are powerful government forces that see gold and silver as the competition for their fiat currency system, and rightfully so. So although gold and silver can go down short term, and in fact are, it doesn’t change my belief that they will end the year much higher. To me that is all that matters. I buy what I believe and then go do other things. I don’t want to have to watch my investments on a daily basis and distract me from my homoluminous path.

I reiterate that we are just starting to see the markets roil and rollover, IMO. Before this is over the DOW and S&P and other stock markets could be down thousands of points.

You could just sit in cash to preserve wealth rather than be in the markets, but by cash I do not mean bonds. Short term treasuries maybe but it can never make you money. Having said that just ‘not losing money’ is winning in an environment of systemic failure, which I believe we’ve now enterred.

I have also taken steps to convert my margin accounts to cash accounts. I believe we could see market failures this time around. I wish to avoid any potential of my segregated accounts being accessed by my brokerage.

I really feel one has to be very cautious. Even with my Sprott silver investments I have to be cognizant that the markets could be closed for a period of days and I would not be able to access my accounts to liquidate them.

I wish to re-iterate that what I write is not advice. It is what I am doing at this moment in time. Each person must take responsibility for their own information and decisions. If you are a person who is emotionally attached to these markets, and if you aren’t going to be accountable for what actions you take, then this could be a difficult learning experience. None of us has ever experienced what humanity is going through this year, and the markets are a reflection of the emotioinal state of humanity.

Blessings and joy are your eternal assets.

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Healthy Living Series: Water-Part One

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water. 

Is there enough fresh water for all 7 billion of us?

Perhaps take a moment and answer this question to yourself before reading on.

All life on Earth is dependent on this miraculous Sacred Element. Individually, the amount of water we require every day depends upon a variety of factors like current weight, how much we exercise, the temperature where we live and even our gender. A man in Canada, weighing 90kg who spends most of his workday at a desk and doesn’t regularly exercise, can still require nearly three liters of fresh water daily. His petite female co-worker weighing 40kg on the other hand, may need as little as one liter. Having an idea of how much water we need every day makes the quality and the quantity of available water an obviously important topic to each and every one of us. Yet, for the most part, and despite that importance, people are often completely ignorant when it comes to answering the question we’ve posed.

We’re often being encouraged to move into fear when it comes to water. Every day we face a barrage of dire predictions about shortage from our media. Our governments and our scientific institutions, want us to believe that there is an inevitability of looming disaster when it comes to water. They say the water on Earth is being turned into a noxious soup of toxins everywhere and that sources of pure, clean water are drying up. We’re being told the Earth’s quotient of fresh water is declining, even disappearing.

Could that be true? Read the rest of this entry »

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Fear “False Evidence Appearing Real”, or “Forgetting Everything is All Right”

Watching this little one overcome fear, on a ski jump no less, filled me up with courage. Adorable and amazing!

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Forgiveness-Why it is Easier than you Think   1 comment

click on image to download free .pdf

Free Excerpt from Change is Natural

Granted, forgiveness is a big topic and to some people it seems just exhausting to think about, but the underlying principle of it is quite simple. Forgiveness means that you no longer wish to carry it forward. ‘It’ of course can be situations, experiences, wrong doings or whatever it is that you feel is still out there-unfinished and unforgiven. In other words you’ve made a decision to leave it behind, to be done with it. Where we get confused is a lot of us believe that forgiveness means to pardon, that what happened doesn’t matter. That is not true, what happens in our life means a great deal, but the choice we make is about how long we want to carry the weight of that negative experience. I’ve also heard forgiveness as being defined as ‘giving up the hope that the past could have been different’.

When I came to an understanding of forgiveness from this perspective, it shifted a lot of things for me. I made up a list of all the people, including (and especially) myself that I wanted to forgive-it was a long list. It took some reflection but once I started the list came together pretty quickly; grade one teacher, ex-boyfriends, the guys who give parking tickets…There is a great prayer of forgiveness from our friends at Ish-a-tah that I used and then burned the list. To say it changed everything will sound a bit extreme. but it shifted everything and it was simple-I just made a choice.

Chapter 25 of Change is Natural is dedicated to the topic of forgiveness. Titled, Clearing your Field for More of What you Want to Come into your Life, it explains how forgiveness brings about a clearing within your energetic field. It’s a short chapter, only a couple of pages long but I hope that you find it to be informative and inspiring.

Click here to download Chapter 25 from Change is Natural

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A High Five for Myself

by Kandis Twa

I have reached a milestone. I started this challenge on the 28th of February, today is March 13th, that is fifteen days in a row of meditation and you know, I am quite proud of myself. There is something  quite fulfilling about keeping promises to yourself. I’ve not been very good at that before. I know that it is important to keep promises to others, it builds trust, but I didn’t realize that keeping promises to myself is building confidence in me. I believe myself now when I say that I am going to get up when the alarm clock goes off, or that I will eat a proper breakfast in the morning. All of these ‘promises kept’, including my fifteen days in a row of meditation, are like a little high five to myself. OK, a big high five.

As well, I am very excited to be able to share a guided meditation from our workshop series for those of you who are new to meditation and were wondering about a good place to start.  This one is called  “Chakra Weaving” and is lead by Jas Malcolm. It is about 17 minutes long-which isn’t too long if you are new to meditating and takes you through the process of harmonizing, balancing and aligning the major energy centres of your body. I find it to be very calming and energizing at the same time.Press play on the audio player above  to listen to on your computer or click here to download 

Why Meditation is like Flossing   6 comments

Challenging my Dedication

by Kandis Twa

It turns out that meditation is, in fact much like flossing your teeth. I think it’s a good comparison because both are activities that require regular, sustained effort in order to achieve their means.

Confession: I am a sporadic meditator (and not a great flosser either). Yup it’s true. In a practice where consistent effort is the key, my attendance record for getting together with God is spotty. Here’s the thing, I’ve been at this whole meditation practice for a while, but to be totally honest I’ve not managed to ever string together more than a few days at a time. Now to be fair, I go to class and I pay attention, have good intentions and a genuine will to improve; it’s just that well, sometimes I get busy, or I forget. Sounds a bit lame, but that’s about it. What’s more-while I’m making confessions-is that it’s nearly my job to meditate. I have all the resources, encouragement and time to do it and still-sporadic. I cannot fathom how people with full time jobs, children, dogs, and meals to make manage to be consistent, anymore than I can comprehend how the Dali Lama can get up at three in the morning for his daily practice. Oh, God if you would just come to me whilst I am cozily sleeping in my bed so that I might become illuminated without ever having to set an alarm! 

On February 28th, I set a new goal: to put together thirty solid days of meditation-in a row.This will be a challenge for me as I believe that the only daily routine chore I have ever succeeded at was the advent calendar at Christmas time. Why thirty days? Well, it used to be that was the amount of time it took to build and set in the energy of a new pattern, but as the vibrations of the planet continue to increase, that amount of time has now reduced to only twenty one days (the same time period applies for your mantras and prayers too). So, good news for all of us that implementing positive change takes less time! I’m putting in the extra seven days for good measure.

So, here I am four days in a row-so far so good! I might even go out and buy myself a calendar and some star stickers-it worked for the advent calendar.

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Why Gold is a Love Based Investment

by Jas Malcolm

I’m going to reproduce a portion of an article that Fortune Magazine printed of an interview with Warren Buffet. As the reader knows Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and has achieved this through very successful investing. I believe anything he writes is worth reading and reflecting upon.

Allow me to set the stage. The article in its entirety suggested that people avoid investing in bonds/paper savings and such.  It then went on to tell us why gold was not something he believes in (excerpt reproduced below), and Warren concluded that an investor’s best investment is in producing assets. As you know I’ve been an advocate for investing in gold and silver for some time so clearly Warren and I don’t see eye to eye on this. Let’s give him the first opportunity to talk shall we.

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A New Article on the Changing State of the Financial System

by Jas Malcolm

We have a  new featured article for you, titled “Prosper with Your Savings” to download for free. This one involves the ever popular topic, “your personal finances in a financial world that is literally falling apart”.  Most people, rightfully, want to know how to enjoy life without worry of losing their life’s savings with the ongoing breakdown of the world financial system. In our  2008 book Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why that’s Changing addressed, in advance, the 2008 collapse of the world financial system.  In the 2010 third edition of the book,  Jas forecasts that the financial market will appear to stabilize and then collapse further. Jas believes that 2012 is the time of “collapse further”. This article is dedicated to that poignant topic, and what you can do about it.

Proposed censorship of the internet?!   2 comments

I couldn’t believe this when I heard about it, but unfortunatly it appears that such an unfortunate concept is not only being considered but is scheduled to be voted into law in the United States next week. To learn more click here

The video above discusses the Senate version of the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the Senate the bill is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). SOPA has gotten more attention than PIPA because it was moving faster in the legislative process. But PIPA is just as dangerous, and now it is moving faster.

PIPA would give the government new powers to block Americans’ access websites that corporations don’t like. The bill lets corporations and the US government censor entire websites and cut sites off from advertising, payments and donations.

This legislation will stifle free speech and innovation, and even threaten popular web services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

For our friends in the United States please visit http://americancensorship.org/ so that your senators can hear from you.

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