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Why Meditation is like Flossing   6 comments

Challenging my Dedication

by Kandis Twa

It turns out that meditation is, in fact much like flossing your teeth. I think it’s a good comparison because both are activities that require regular, sustained effort in order to achieve their means.

Confession: I am a sporadic meditator (and not a great flosser either). Yup it’s true. In a practice where consistent effort is the key, my attendance record for getting together with God is spotty. Here’s the thing, I’ve been at this whole meditation practice for a while, but to be totally honest I’ve not managed to ever string together more than a few days at a time. Now to be fair, I go to class and I pay attention, have good intentions and a genuine will to improve; it’s just that well, sometimes I get busy, or I forget. Sounds a bit lame, but that’s about it. What’s more-while I’m making confessions-is that it’s nearly my job to meditate. I have all the resources, encouragement and time to do it and still-sporadic. I cannot fathom how people with full time jobs, children, dogs, and meals to make manage to be consistent, anymore than I can comprehend how the Dali Lama can get up at three in the morning for his daily practice. Oh, God if you would just come to me whilst I am cozily sleeping in my bed so that I might become illuminated without ever having to set an alarm! 

On February 28th, I set a new goal: to put together thirty solid days of meditation-in a row.This will be a challenge for me as I believe that the only daily routine chore I have ever succeeded at was the advent calendar at Christmas time. Why thirty days? Well, it used to be that was the amount of time it took to build and set in the energy of a new pattern, but as the vibrations of the planet continue to increase, that amount of time has now reduced to only twenty one days (the same time period applies for your mantras and prayers too). So, good news for all of us that implementing positive change takes less time! I’m putting in the extra seven days for good measure.

So, here I am four days in a row-so far so good! I might even go out and buy myself a calendar and some star stickers-it worked for the advent calendar.


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