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Consider your rhythm when you have trouble sleeping    A recent study by Green Med shows valerian extract is only 50% effective to help people find sleep. Melatonin is a very good alternative taken before bed when you increase your practice of pre-sleep meditation. Harmonic entrainment is better.  Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.  

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Quantum state of matter discovered     

The world economy is becoming ever more reliant on high tech electronics such as computers featuring fingernail-sized microprocessors crammed with billions of transistors. For progress to continue, for Moore’s Law—according to which the number of computer components crammed onto microchips doubles every two years, even as the size and cost of components halves—to continue, new materials and new phenomena need to be discovered.      Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

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17 month reads, has huge vocabulary

The number of high vibration children appearing on Earth to help with and to experience the transition to Homo Luminous underway continues to grow daily.   We will offer a new video every week as a reminder of the amazingly aware, intuitive and creatively brilliant children joining us on Earth at this time.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Children Station>News, or click here.

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