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Water: Some Science About this Sacred Element   Leave a comment

Healthy Living Series: Water-Part Two

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural. 

 What’s so special about water?

When we went to high school, chemistry classes always began the same way.  We learned about water.  We were told it was inert and biologically neutral.  That it was nature’s ideal solvent and diluent and not much else.  Distilled water, stripped of any polluting minerals, was non-reactive and therefore perfect for chemical experimentation.  We were told that water was the simplest compound on Earth, just the combination of the two most common reactive elements – two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom.  In fact, our teachers often relegated water to the lowest strata in the pantheon of substances we had to learn about in science.

Were they lacking a tremendous amount of very valuable information?

As we gained awareness, we discovered there was much more to learn about water.  Much, much more.  Water transports, lubricates, reacts, stabilizes, signals, structures, partitions and even burns.  As a liquid, water is much denser than expected and yet as a solid it is much lighter than expected.  We began to realize that water – transparent, odorless, tasteless and ubiquitous – is actually a miraculous substance.  It is the element of life.   We learned that water is, in fact, life itself.

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