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Where do you get your information?-Kandis Twa

Over the last few months we have seen people from all over the world come together to protest. Our view is that the government upheavals in the Middle East reflected a shift in collective consciousness towards accountability and responsibility. As humanity continues to evolve to a more positive and cooperative paradigm, the traditional “power-over” institutions will continue to shift. The catalyst for this kind of transformation seems to be a public demonstration such as the one that is going on now in New York City. The group is called Occupy Wall Street and in keeping with the way we saw events at Tahir Square play out there are anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people who have been ‘sitting in’ for ten days now to bring further awareness to an highly unequal and disempowering financial system.

What is fascinating to me is that nobody knows that this is going on. A friend of mine, who lives in New York was informed about these events from colleagues in Europe after the demonstrators clashed with police on the weekend. This story is very quiet in main stream media.

Many people still get the majority of their information from the major news networks. Due to their wide scale consumption these sources have a formative (yet diminishing) influence on collective consciousness. Typically, popular media serves to propagate fear and anxiety, or at best it soothes these emotions with silly and distracting content. For those who are locked into main stream media, these changes in the way that society is choosing to function will appear as a destructive and frightening crumbling of a familiar civil structure.  In such an emotional state there exists an understandable reticence among many people to really examine the product of our governing institutions.  Lacking information makes it impossible for a person to evaluate whether our current institutions are really fulfilling the purpose of their original intention.  It is my understanding that they do not.  I feel that the events we are witnessing here and elsewhere in the world, are the positive evidence of a collective evolution towards a more accountable and cooperative society.

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Jas Malcolm- Commitment to Change   Leave a comment

A Resolution

Everyone reading this note wants to change their life or they wouldn’t be reading this note. Therefore, in this note you will read that the Earth is changing, and she is changing by the minute. Fear based stuff that we will destroy her is simply silly. She is a huge field and she is regenerating. The good news is that humanity is evolving at a rapid rate with new energies coming into our collective consciousness this year. So that just leaves you. Here my New Year’s message becomes a reminder that until you fully tap back into your spirit, and if you’re not doing something daily to raise your energy, then you can become a small wood chip on the sea.  What is the science behind that statement?

Well it starts with a simple observation. The Earth is a lot larger field of energy than you and she is changing and going up in vibration, daily! As her crystals are continuing to unify and resonate together each month she is shaking up humanity. So humanity is currently in a chaotic node. And what is humanity?  Humanity is part of a collective consciousness that is also a much larger field than you. So if humanity is in a chaotic node and you’re not doing something every day that connects you into the rhythms of the universe and strengthens your field, then you’re apt to be having a challenging time. I honor those wonderful people who chose to leave this year because the energies are becoming too strong for where they were at in their journey.

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