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Cutting Through the Noise   Leave a comment

How to Hear Your Intuition

by Kandis Twa

“When you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all of the knowledge of the world”

-Yogi Bhajan

Intuition is our ability to hear information from our higher guidance in order that we can make our best decisions. While we are constantly receiving information from many sources (“Ego, is that you?) how does one, in this time of abundant information ever become clear enough to sort through it all in order to hear our own intuition?

On a daily basis we all receive advice, direction, guidance, tips and suggestions from others, and try to balance that against the information from our inner voice. Or, what sometimes become inner voices. When faced with challenging decisions there can be so much dialogue going on inside our heads that things quickly deteriorate into an argument between yourself and…yourself. In this case it is helpful to have a referee. A way to send incorrect information to the sidelines so that you can hear clearly your higher guidance and make the best decisions for yourself and everyone involved. Here is what I do…

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Spiritual Toolbox-Challenging Your Ego   Leave a comment

Challenging your Ego:

Whenever you hear a negative voice you can ask yourself two questions:

1.” Ego, are you telling me the truth?”

Often this voice just goes silent, indicating a “No” response. If it says that it is telling you the truth, then proceed to the second question;

2. “Ego, is what you are telling me for my highest and best good?”

This second question invariably makes the negative voice go quiet.

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