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A Miracle Mindset-Kandis Twa

As part of a mini on-going series on miracles I have been spending time paying attention to the signs of a miracle. A couple of weeks ago the only signs I encountered were rainbows and this past week it appears to be feathers-everywhere I go. When you see a feather-just like it was put there for you to see it-it is a sign that miracles are happening all around you. When I see a feather, I know that it is as a reminder to pay attention to coincidences. On the weekend I was at the grocery store and there was a little white feather sitting right in the cart!

So acknowledge the miracles in your life, get into a miracle mind state,  when you do this instead of just brushing them off  you invite in even more miracles.  The two affirmations that I use and really like for bringing in more miracles are:

1. From Deepak Chopra; “Today I release all greivances and I chose miracles”

2. From Ish-a-tah; “I am the miracle and everything in my life reflects that”


Here are a few photos of the feathers that I saw last week-hope you also have a wonderful week full of miracles.

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