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May 2012 Market Update   Leave a comment

What I’m Buying, Selling and Why

by Jas Malcolm

Gold and Silver are both weakening with gold almost freefalling these last couple of days. It is interesting to see Silver holding up much better than gold, as anticipated. I hope that people heeded my reflections and exited the stock markets as these markets are really looking dangerous.

I’ve sold almost 100% of my gold and silver stocks. I’m taking losses but that is my choice. Take losses and make a new choice. As I sell I continue to average in to buying silver in the Sprott Mutual Fund and Trust units mentioned in Februrary. I will continue to average in from now until July 15th unless I see silver reversing and going higher in which case I will accelerate my rate of purchasing. I average in because in these manipulated markets I have no way of fundamentally knowing when silver should go up, or when the government will bring it down. Therefore every week I buy more on down days.

Nothing has changed from my comments in January and February. I believe gold, and more so silver, are the way to preserve ones wealth and grow it this year, however, there are powerful government forces that see gold and silver as the competition for their fiat currency system, and rightfully so. So although gold and silver can go down short term, and in fact are, it doesn’t change my belief that they will end the year much higher. To me that is all that matters. I buy what I believe and then go do other things. I don’t want to have to watch my investments on a daily basis and distract me from my homoluminous path.

I reiterate that we are just starting to see the markets roil and rollover, IMO. Before this is over the DOW and S&P and other stock markets could be down thousands of points.

You could just sit in cash to preserve wealth rather than be in the markets, but by cash I do not mean bonds. Short term treasuries maybe but it can never make you money. Having said that just ‘not losing money’ is winning in an environment of systemic failure, which I believe we’ve now enterred.

I have also taken steps to convert my margin accounts to cash accounts. I believe we could see market failures this time around. I wish to avoid any potential of my segregated accounts being accessed by my brokerage.

I really feel one has to be very cautious. Even with my Sprott silver investments I have to be cognizant that the markets could be closed for a period of days and I would not be able to access my accounts to liquidate them.

I wish to re-iterate that what I write is not advice. It is what I am doing at this moment in time. Each person must take responsibility for their own information and decisions. If you are a person who is emotionally attached to these markets, and if you aren’t going to be accountable for what actions you take, then this could be a difficult learning experience. None of us has ever experienced what humanity is going through this year, and the markets are a reflection of the emotioinal state of humanity.

Blessings and joy are your eternal assets.


Gold as a Productive Investment   Leave a comment

Why Gold is a Love Based Investment

by Jas Malcolm

I’m going to reproduce a portion of an article that Fortune Magazine printed of an interview with Warren Buffet. As the reader knows Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and has achieved this through very successful investing. I believe anything he writes is worth reading and reflecting upon.

Allow me to set the stage. The article in its entirety suggested that people avoid investing in bonds/paper savings and such.  It then went on to tell us why gold was not something he believes in (excerpt reproduced below), and Warren concluded that an investor’s best investment is in producing assets. As you know I’ve been an advocate for investing in gold and silver for some time so clearly Warren and I don’t see eye to eye on this. Let’s give him the first opportunity to talk shall we.

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How to Prosper with your Savings   Leave a comment

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A New Article on the Changing State of the Financial System

by Jas Malcolm

We have a  new featured article for you, titled “Prosper with Your Savings” to download for free. This one involves the ever popular topic, “your personal finances in a financial world that is literally falling apart”.  Most people, rightfully, want to know how to enjoy life without worry of losing their life’s savings with the ongoing breakdown of the world financial system. In our  2008 book Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why that’s Changing addressed, in advance, the 2008 collapse of the world financial system.  In the 2010 third edition of the book,  Jas forecasts that the financial market will appear to stabilize and then collapse further. Jas believes that 2012 is the time of “collapse further”. This article is dedicated to that poignant topic, and what you can do about it.

Why all the Debt Ceiling Drama?   2 comments

Amazing Financial Markets-Jas Malcolm

Well I may be failing ‘blogging school’ as I just haven’t had time to post anything since my Egyptian ‘share’.  Here at Pure Leadership we’re riding a rocket ship.  I’m so excited about the new information coming through on the sacred sites and feel these next three books will be block busters for people who really like to understand their cosmic selves and the sacred sites in Egypt and China and elsewhere.  However, this post is a quick note on the world financial system.

It is just such joy to be watching the existing books you’ve read come true.

I feel that the world financial system is teetering again.  Some of the things that will occur will be the collapse of the Euro. It has to collapse because for individuals to ‘self actualize’ who they are they can’t be bound under one currency.  These countries with different cultures will be breaking out to express their greatness and no German citizen is going to be held back by an angry individual in Greece. The energies just won’t be compatible. Now, I will say that the powers that be will attempt to try to tell you that the Euro hasn’t failed because they will not wish to admit they were wrong.

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Jas Malcolm on the Financial Markets   2 comments

Amazing Markets and Awareness of Possible Changes

I’m so amazed by what is going on in the world I feel I just have to write a paragraph about it from the perspective of investing.  It is easy to get sidetracked into watching one’s own markets and losing sight of the bigger world picture.

Since 1998 and specifically in my books which were published mid 2008 I’ve discussed the failure of our existing financial system as we know it. In order to thrive during this I’ve recommended gold and silver bullion as a ‘savings’ account. This keeps your hard earned wealth out of the financial system that is chaotically coming apart. For the more speculative minded who wish to make money on the end of this financial system as we know it, I’ve held shares in gold and silver companies across the spectrum of exploration and various stages of development and production.  This note is NOT addressing the bullion ‘savings’ account which I continue to hold until the “smoke clears”.  This note is more my current short term [six month from December 1/10] view of the stocks – the shares in gold and silver companies.  I also see a bit clearer the grander picture that is emerging from our market failures which began in 2008 and, in my opinion, are continuing.

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