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What We See Happening in the Middle East   Leave a comment

Confirmation that ALL of humanity is now rising in vibration

Image courtesy of Reuters

If one were to watch the nightly news one might become confused as to what is really going on in our world.  You’ll remember in the Pure Leadership Trilogy how it’s discussed that all of humanity would be rising from Homo Sapien [beings of survival] to Homo Luminous [beings of light] over the course of 15 years. Your nightly news is confirmation of that, although the reporting lacks some very important information.  This rise in vibration of all of humanity cannot possible occur unless low vibration systems fail. And failing they are. All around you.

Just as you are a ‘field of information’ so too humanity is a large ‘collective field of information’.  Within this ‘collective field’ there are many ‘sub-fields’ represented by different cultures and races and religions and so on.  Here’s the good news, all of these ‘sub-fields’ are now rising in vibration and that is why you’re seeing the liberation of peoples from Tunisia to Egypt.

Just as you cannot transform your life if you do not take the time to remove the low vibration beliefs from your field, humanity cannot advance if it does not remove the low vibration systems that currently are in place.

Humanity has been operating from fear for a long long time. As people began shedding fear some 12 years ago, that fear, as an energy, had to go somewhere. Remember that ‘like attracts like’ so when we in North America were shedding our fear it energetically flowed about the planet aggregating “by attraction” to the most fearful places on the planet, being the Middle East and Africa.  This influx of energy energized the most fearing in those fearful places fueling the violence you’ve continued to witness there these past ten years. However, that’s now changing.

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Posted February 23, 2011 by Pure Leadership in In this moment, Jas Malcolm

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