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In this Moment-Kandis Twa

This last weekend was a spectacular full moon. The day before I was fortunate to be in the mountains and get a picture of this beautiful moon rising. NASA calls this particular moon a perigee moon while some astrologers call it a supermoon. The moon appears larger and more brilliant in the sky because of its orbital location and phase. This combination of the moons proximity and full phase only occurs ever twenty years or so. The moon is magnetic energy and such a close full moon means that the earth is being saturated with a unique amount of magnetism. We know that we are, of course affected the larger energy field of the Earth and that what she experiences we also experience. I would imagine that such an increase in magnetic energy for the Earth also means an increase in magnetic (female) energy for ourselves. Magnetic energy is what allows us to pull experience (powered by thought and belief) into our lives. Our thoughts create our reality…good thoughts and bad thoughts. Right now appears to be a time when the magnetic power of our thoughts has increased.

In honour of this time, all of us here at Pure Leadership have taken the time to do even more housekeeping on ourselves to make sure that what we are attracting (magnetizing) into our lives is positive. Earlier this week we all took the time to write letters to everyone in our lives with whom we have any unfinished business. We all wrote out all sorts of letters, and we amazed that even people who we thought we had forgiven seemed to deserve a letter. There was some very good clearing going on!

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