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Transformation in Religion-Kandis Twa

As of late I have been a wee bit obsessed with speeches. Listening to them and reading them rather than making them-except maybe to my husband 🙂 .  One of the most beautiful orations I have come across was made by a Native American named Red Jacket.  The original context of his speech was in 1805 (before teleprompters and professional speech writers), his job was to speak for his nation in land and religious negotiations with the United States just after their victory in the Revolutionary War. This was the time of great orations by George Washington and Samuel Adams (which I find so stirring even though I am a Canadian and know very little about American history), and this man’s words, I believe held their own in mighty company at an amazing time in history.  Now fast forward to 2011-I share part of this particular speech in the context of today as we see humanity on the brink of great changes.  Most ostensibly we see rapid and dramatic changes occurring in the financial markets around the world. All the old systems are starting to crumble so they can be rebuilt at a higher level. These changes are also occurring in our old structure of religion. Dogma is being questioned and people are remembering that divinity is within. All of this is cause for great celebration and leads me back to Red Jacket and his speech “Religion for the White Man and the Red”. They were words spoken so long ago that I find nevertheless timely and reflective of what many people are recognizing as misconceptions about the old religious guard.

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