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The Cosmic Origins and Spiritual Significance of Water   Leave a comment


Healthy Living Series: Water-Part One

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water. 

Is there enough fresh water for all 7 billion of us?

Perhaps take a moment and answer this question to yourself before reading on.

All life on Earth is dependent on this miraculous Sacred Element. Individually, the amount of water we require every day depends upon a variety of factors like current weight, how much we exercise, the temperature where we live and even our gender. A man in Canada, weighing 90kg who spends most of his workday at a desk and doesn’t regularly exercise, can still require nearly three liters of fresh water daily. His petite female co-worker weighing 40kg on the other hand, may need as little as one liter. Having an idea of how much water we need every day makes the quality and the quantity of available water an obviously important topic to each and every one of us. Yet, for the most part, and despite that importance, people are often completely ignorant when it comes to answering the question we’ve posed.

We’re often being encouraged to move into fear when it comes to water. Every day we face a barrage of dire predictions about shortage from our media. Our governments and our scientific institutions, want us to believe that there is an inevitability of looming disaster when it comes to water. They say the water on Earth is being turned into a noxious soup of toxins everywhere and that sources of pure, clean water are drying up. We’re being told the Earth’s quotient of fresh water is declining, even disappearing.

Could that be true? Read the rest of this entry »