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Quality and Quantity-Making Wiser Choices about the Water you Drink   Leave a comment

ImageHealthy Living Series: Water-Part Four

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural.  

What makes good quality water?

We’ve learned that water is abundant, and our sentience is at least partly attributable to water.  We’ve learned that drinking water is essential to how our physical body functions.  Basically, water equates to life.  But is all water created equal?

From Clayton Nolte’s research mentioned in a previous article, we realize that structured water is one of the best ways to consume this life-giving, miraculous substance.  We’ve also learned that we can use sacred codes to energize and purify the water we drink.  We’ve learned that with the appropriate belief system, we could drink contaminated water and our body would purify it and generate the minerals it needs. It would literally transmute ‘bad stuff’ into ‘good stuff’. However, until you have achieved that belief and the necessary level of vibration, the quality of the water you begin with is obviously important.

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PLN Daily 10-12-2011   Leave a comment

Wall Street protest spawns international demonstrations

 Monday, New York’s mayor indicated that the Zuccotti Park demonstrators can stay where they are as long as they are law-abiding, a move that shows the strength of the protesters’ convictions is not ebbing but the will of authorities may be.  The US dissatisfaction has been noticed globally. Similar peaceful demonstrations against financial inequity are planned for Spain, England and other countries this month.    Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.   

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Cutting Back on Salt will Help Diabetics

A research group has shows that diabetics can avoid kidney disease just by slightly lowering the amount of table salt they injest. At Pure Leadership, we recognize the need for certain salts in our diet if we drink proper amounts of water. And, we know about the dangers of consuming too much of the wrong kinds of salts, as was illustrated by Dr. Max Gerson’s work. Dr. Gerson developed a potassium mixture that would re-balance the chemistry of your cells. It was his observation that many people consume too much table salt and that salt gets into the cells and doesn’t come out.

Now a study by the Cochrane Collaboration Renal Group agrees with that contention and suggests diabetics can quickly cut blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing kidney disease, simply by cutting back on table salt.  To view the full article visit Self Station>Health>Food>News at the Pure News Network.

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