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What I’m Packing-Kandis Twa

It is always an exciting moment for me as I pack my bags in anticipation of another adventure to see the world. I have been very grateful for all of the traveling that I have experienced this year with Pure Leadership, however this trip is even more special because I’m going with my husband. Tomorrow we leave for India-off to Rajasthan to experience the best and greatest of this part of the world!

I have shared many of the things I have learned about traveling, and this time I would like to share with you a few of the things that I pack which help me to have a wonderful and healthy trip. (As you are reading this please keep in mind that I am not a doctor-this is not advice-this is simply a list of what works for me).

1. Lavender oil

I pack a great big bottle of Lavender oil which has all sorts of wonderful uses. I rub the oil directly onto my skin-just the exposed parts-a couple of times a day. Not only do you smell wonderful, but we found that the oil is a very effective insect repellent. Rubbing lavender oil on the bottoms of your feet helps to balance your nervous system as well I find it an excellent antiseptic for cuts and scraps. If my hotel room feels a little grubby I will sprinkle some on the curtains, the carpet or in the bathroom as a general disinfectant. I also like to put a few drops on my pillow in the hotel to help me sleep.

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More Ways to Enjoy your Adventures through Life-Kandis Twa

I’ve learned about this amazing tool after a particularly uncomfortable trip to Hong Kong last fall. Since then I use this tool everywhere I go and the results have been spectacular. Think of it as an insurance policy for a wonderful trip.

Before I go anywhere, particularly to a big city I first ask God to saturate everyone and everything in divine purple light. What this does is it cleans up everything. It cleans up all of the energies, it cleans up all of the people, all of the thoughts and feelings, I clean it all up by visualizing this purple light. Second, I then ask God to make this automatic so that while I am there everyone and everything is saturated with divine purple light. After I feel that the purple light has saturated the third thing I do is to ask that everyone and everything now be surrounded in the divine white light of God’s peace, love, harmony and protection. Fourth, I ask God to raise the vibrations of everyone and everything divinely and automatically so that everything is in harmony with me while I am there.

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Feeling Really Good on the Road-Kandis Twa

I love to travel. I love to learn about other people and different cultures. I love to find out all about them. What I didn’t love about traveling was getting sick. It didn’t take long after I landed in a new country before my stomach would hurt or I would start to feel anxious, I had difficulty sleeping. I had always chalked this up to the seemingly normal occurrences of traveling. Jet lag, change of diet…

Here is the interesting thing and again this relates to my many, many, many lesson when it comes to boundaries. When I traveled to a new place I would get so excited and my energy would go out and get connected to everyone and everything. Well, pretty soon I would start to feel in my body what these individuals were feeling. What  I didn’t understand was that I was getting myself energetically connected in. I was like a great big sponge soaking it all in! No wonder I had stomach problems!

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