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A Food Lesson Learned on the Dusty Road-Kandis Twa

Something very important I discover as it relates to food, and when it comes to food those who know me, know that I LOVE a good meal! Whenever we travel one of the best things is the opportunity to experience a different culture, and I think that most of you would agree that culture expresses itself in a large way through its food!! Now, what people eat in different parts of the world can be very delicious or it can be….to our way of thinking very strange as well as to our bodies. I’ll share with you how I managed to have the maximum amount of happy digestion and enjoyment while minimizing the ick factor while we were travelling. When presented with a lovely plate of food never ask “Oh, what’s this?” If you are able to get through a meal after hearing that what your host has so proudly presented you with is in fact a steaming hot plate of chicken bones and frogs then I applaud your gustatory mastery! I am nowhere this skilled, so this is what I’ve learned: never ask what it is you are about to eat…I mean never. If you ask, you are done for. Just smell your food, know that it is delicious, and do what your host does. I will repeat: just smell it and know that it is delicious! As you are eating you can say to yourself “I am consuming divine energy”. This will raise the energy of what you eat and your body will know exactly how to digest all of this exciting new food. Is there anything you have learned about enjoying your meals while travelling? Love to hear it!