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Why all the Debt Ceiling Drama?   2 comments

Amazing Financial Markets-Jas Malcolm

Well I may be failing ‘blogging school’ as I just haven’t had time to post anything since my Egyptian ‘share’.  Here at Pure Leadership we’re riding a rocket ship.  I’m so excited about the new information coming through on the sacred sites and feel these next three books will be block busters for people who really like to understand their cosmic selves and the sacred sites in Egypt and China and elsewhere.  However, this post is a quick note on the world financial system.

It is just such joy to be watching the existing books you’ve read come true.

I feel that the world financial system is teetering again.  Some of the things that will occur will be the collapse of the Euro. It has to collapse because for individuals to ‘self actualize’ who they are they can’t be bound under one currency.  These countries with different cultures will be breaking out to express their greatness and no German citizen is going to be held back by an angry individual in Greece. The energies just won’t be compatible. Now, I will say that the powers that be will attempt to try to tell you that the Euro hasn’t failed because they will not wish to admit they were wrong.

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