Lift the Veils to Reality Workshop Series

This workshop is available to everyone and is comprised of four sessions, each five hours in duration. Each day is lead by Jas Malcolm where he guides participants down a path beyond ‘belief transformation’ and  into the new world of how to change your consciousness. This provides for a greater awareness of the fear based sub-conscious mind, which is the subject of our new  book just released this summer and already in its second printing. The workshop progresses through a scientific understanding of yourself as a ‘field of information’ into the ‘design of your musical matrix’ and is rich with exercises to change your mind, your vibration and your physical body. As well, you will learn about the hidden ‘overrider’ within the consciousness of each person in humanity, an overrider that is designed in such a sophisticated way as to block you from being  fully free. This ‘blockage’ occurs from a foundational belief that is tied into  humanity’s DNA. The workshop culminates in the last two sessions with a merger  of the survival mind and a deep multi-hour meditative exercise  to allow this ‘overrider’ to merge back into light. We hope you can join us!

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Posted December 22, 2010 by Pure Leadership

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