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Healthy Living Series: Water-Part Two

by Stan Sauerwein

Pure Leadership News is delivering a healthy living series on the subject of water.  Readers of the Pure Leadership textbook series will be acquainted with some parts of this topic as it was well covered in Lift the Veils to Reality and Change is Natural. 

 What’s so special about water?

When we went to high school, chemistry classes always began the same way.  We learned about water.  We were told it was inert and biologically neutral.  That it was nature’s ideal solvent and diluent and not much else.  Distilled water, stripped of any polluting minerals, was non-reactive and therefore perfect for chemical experimentation.  We were told that water was the simplest compound on Earth, just the combination of the two most common reactive elements – two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom.  In fact, our teachers often relegated water to the lowest strata in the pantheon of substances we had to learn about in science.

Were they lacking a tremendous amount of very valuable information?

As we gained awareness, we discovered there was much more to learn about water.  Much, much more.  Water transports, lubricates, reacts, stabilizes, signals, structures, partitions and even burns.  As a liquid, water is much denser than expected and yet as a solid it is much lighter than expected.  We began to realize that water – transparent, odorless, tasteless and ubiquitous – is actually a miraculous substance.  It is the element of life.   We learned that water is, in fact, life itself.

There are very few molecules that are smaller or lighter than water and liquid water is a most extraordinary substance.  Water is important as a solvent, a solute, a reactant and a biomolecule, structuring proteins, nucleic acids and cells.  Liquid water actually facilitates your consciousness and thus facilitates you experiencing life in physical form.  Water is why you are a sentient being.

 The nature of water

To understand the nature of water it is helpful to understand where it comes from.  Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the known universehelium is second; and, oxygen the third.1    As discussed in the first article of this series, water is formed of two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen.  Water is formed in space in ‘water factories’ like the Orion Nebula where shock waves of energy which are created by the formation of stars, effectively slam hydrogen and oxygen molecules together.  The ubiquity of hydrogen and oxygen make its combination – water –  the most common compound in the known Universe. It is therefore fundamental to everything.

Over two millennia ago in the Timaeus, a Socratic dialogue by Plato, he identified the five forms of nature in the primary crystal patterns that occur throughout the world of minerals in countless variations.2   The Platonic Solids he postulated took the form of the Tetrahedron, Cube or Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and the Icosahedron.3  Plato equated the tetrahedron with the fire “element”, the cube with the earth “element”, the Icosahedron with the water “element”, the octahedron with the air “element” and the dodecahedron with the aether “element” –  the stuff of which the constellation and heavens were made.

The Icosahedron has 20 sides all of which are equilateral triangles.  Its catalytic shape induces movement, flow and change.  If we spend some time examining the nature of water, we’ll quickly learn how close Plato’s choice of molecular shape was to the truth.

At a molecular level water is constantly changing.  In a liquid state, despite the fact 80% of the electrons are concerned with bonding, there are three atoms that don’t stay together.  Hydrogen atoms are constantly exchanging between water molecules.  On average, the atoms in an H2O molecule stay together only about a millisecond.  And while the molecular movements within liquid water require this constant coupling and breaking and reorganization, the resultant molecules are actually clustering together to form the substance of water. But here is the salient important point, the water of you is constantly changing microsecond to microsecond at the molecular level and at the cluster level to enable you to experience physical life!  Now that’s a long ways away from the high school notion that it’s an inert solvent. In point of fact, it’s a dynamic participant in the creation of every facet of your experience.

Evidence on the London South Bank University website4 shows clearly that water forms icosahedral clusters thus linking modern science confirmation with Plato’s ancient philosophy.  Recently in fact, Martin Chaplin. a professor of Applied Science Water and Aqueous Systems Research at the London South Bank University, demonstrated that water molecules are arranging themselves in various structures and configurations based upon the icosahedron.   The most amazing is a super icosahedral structure that is made up of 13 smaller icosahedral structures with a total of 1820 water molecules!  Chaplin’s model shows that water is able to dynamically create these super icoshedral clusters to produce exclusive and unique properties.

The icosahedrons are capable of expanding and contracting, changing density according to thermodynamic variance (changing from liquid to solid or gas according to temperature) and to do it without losing form.  And there’s something even more amazing about water.  The icosahedral structures resonate with zero point energy5.  They are waveguides that attract imploding zero point energy6.  The icosahedral water clusters simply nest or fit recursively into the fractal matrix of imploding waves that sustain matter, ie.  the atoms of the water molecules.  What happens in the water is that a vortex of imploding electromagnetic energy is created, drawing in the Zero Point Energy from the universe into the water.  Recent discoveries in biology show that the water inside a biological cell is highly structured.  It’s that vortex structure that sucks in Zero Point Energy. Now just exactly what is Zero Point Energy?  Zero Point Energy is the ubiquitous energy of the universe as defined by physicists. It has been noted that all reactions in the universe include a reaction with Zero Point Energy. Jas covers Zero Point Energy in Rediscovering Who You Really Are where he also refers to it by the name Life Force Energy. 7

So water is like a sophisticated ever-changing conduit substance, a means for facilitating the creation of life, your life.

When oxygen and hydrogen combine, the hydrogen atoms “lend” electrons to the oxygen.  That makes the oxygen atom more negative while the hydrogen atoms become more positive.  This geometry makes water a polar molecule with negative and positive poles.  Negative and positive poles can be affected electrically and magnetically.

Clearly, liquid water is a very complex system.  That’s even before you consider the complexity of its icosahedral molecular clusters, polarity, gas-liquid and solid-liquid surfaces, and the reactions between those materials.  Any combination of physical and electromagnetic processing, including your movement and your thoughts, affects water within you and around you. That’s correct!  Your thoughts are changing your water and also impacting that of the people around you.  It has been argued by the eminent French immunologist, Jacques Benveniste, that water holds memory.  He compiled significant laboratory evidence suggesting this. It’s also been shown that the effects on water molecules after being exposed to a magnetic field remain for as much as an hour after the magnetic field is removed.9  Therefore it was felt that water remembers.

In point of fact however, water does NOT hold memory.  That’s the good news because if it did every negative thing that has ever happened to you would be retained within the ‘water of you’.  No, in this sense you must remember that water is anti-matter.  It’s the perfect solvent.  Water takes things apart.  So during that hour in the cited example you’re holding the experience until the water can break it down freeing you from it.  This is how water provides you flexibility to change your experiences and facilitate your choices.

 Water holds intention

Here is what water holds. Water holds ‘intention’.  Intention is not memory at all.  Intention is you creating a universal law for you and is achieved in a ‘higher mind state’.  In the lower mind state where we sometimes operate, we create what are called ‘objectives’ and these are not lasting. Jas covers this all in some detail in his chapter on manifesting what you want in Change is Natural.10

Water is therefore transmutable (that is changeable) and transmutability testifies to sentience.  Does that mean water “thinks”?  No.  But it reacts to your thinking.

What does “sentient” mean?  Sentience is defined as having the power of perception.  Sentience is having the awareness of energy that has been perceived.  According to the philosophy of consciousness, “sentience” can refer to the ability of any entity to have subjective experiences.    By his research, Masaru Emoto has shown exactly this.11  He has shown that the formation of ice crystals from water samples can be altered by human intention.12  In other words, water reacts to thought energy thereby displaying the first order of sentience – feeling.

And if water on a microscope slide can be made to change based upon the energy of thought, doesn’t that imply that the water within us can be made to change as well?  And if the water in our cells can change, does it not follow that we also change our physicality?    Does that not imply that we can have sentient experiences of infinite variety as well? Yes, yes and yes.

As enlightened beings, we now realize there are many things that are special about water.  Water pulls Life Force Energy from the Universe giving biological organisms life.  Water imbues us with sentience.  Water holds your intention creating a universal law that applies just to you.  And water is transmutable.  But how can we consciously alter or transmute water energetically to serve us up what we want out of life? Well of course you’re doing that by everything you think, but how about a couple of tools.

You can consciously transmute water to assist you in experiencing what you want with Sacred Codes, with Structured Water Devices, with stated and written intention, with prayer, even simply by holding a strong belief and touching the water to your lips.

 A Code for you

In a conversation Jas had with Nicole LaVoie13, he learned of the code  9-9-5.

By vocalizing the code (9-pause-9-pause-5), as you pass your hand clockwise [three times] over the substance that you wish to transmute, the energy of it [water or food or wine or whatever] changes.  By doing so, you’re generating an imploding (clockwise) vortex through the water [or substance].  A clairvoyant gentleman working with Jas identified a stream of blue healing light moving from Jas’ hand to the substance when he used the code in this way.  Through doing this, you are able to transmute the water to hold the power of your love, or your intent for good health, or your intent for purity, for example.

The code and motion are simple but amazingly powerful. As you are creating with your hand your first clockwise circle over the substance you say the number 9, with the second circle you say 9 and with the third circle you say  5, and you’re done.   Using the code will eliminate the taste of chlorine in the water you are about to drink for example.  It will energize your water giving it a fresher quality.  With 9-9-5 and your intent fuelled by loving energy, water will respond in beautiful ways.  It will make your house plants flourish.  It will help you more easily incorporate the water you drink into your body.

When he was first introduced to the power of this code, Stan Sauerwein was skeptical.  How could saying a few numbers and waving his hand over a glass filled with tap water have such miraculous results?  He decided on an experiment using his dog.  As it happened, his Golden Retriever “Jake” had a double bowl at his water station.  Stan provided ‘coded’ water right beside regular tap water and then observed from which bowl Jake more regularly drank.  Invariably, after one sniff, his dog happily slurped his water from the ‘coded’ water bowl.

His own experience with ‘coded’ water proved to him that 9-9-5 removed the taste of chlorine, so Stan decided to take his experiment one step further after he was introduced to the Clayton Nolte Structured Water Device (discussed in detail below).  Taking his experiment up a notch, he provided Jake with a bowl of water that had been flowed through the device and then coded, and a bowl of ‘coded’ only water.  In this case he found his dog to be less selective, but still 60% of the time Jake preferred the ‘coded and structured’ water over the ‘coded’ only version.

Now intrigued with his results, Stan decided to experiment with plants in the same way.  On his deck, he potted three cherry tomato plants.  He watered each plant daily – one with the ‘coded and structured’ water, one with ‘coded’ water, and one with water straight from his tap.  To his joy, both the ‘coded and structured’ and ‘coded’ watered plants grew to nearly twice the size of the ‘tap water’ plant.  Even more interestingly, the ‘coded and structured’ plant produced far more fruit than the others combined and continued to do so for more than a month after the other plants had ceased producing.  Comically, during the experiment Jake became a tomato grazer!  He nibbled the succulent fruit from the vines whenever he was allowed onto the deck!

The images Masaru Emoto was able to capture of ice crystals affected by different types of intent are amazing and enlightening.  Thinking thoughts of gratitude and love and sending them to the water you are about to drink will create blessed changes in the water.  Even more outstanding is the fact that this same positive result can be accomplished simply by affixing the written words to the vessel containing the water:  “Love.”  “Thank you.”  The water molecules will change and hold the intention of that change when you consume it.  You may wish to try this in conjunction with 9-9-5.  (Click here for more of the science behind this code)

(Quick aside: Stan now uses the structured device for all the Monashee water consumed in his household.  He codes it as well and stores the water in glass bottles to which he has affixed printed labels with both those words.)

A Structured Water device that assists your physical

Jas has recommended the Big Blue water device for your home which is an excellent device to re-energize your water14.  We at Pure Leadership have now discovered another most wonderful water tool.  Clayton Nolte has designed a Structured Water Device that emulates how nature purifies water.15  The device employs “advanced vortex science, utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water and geometric structures that allow the water to work upon itself on the molecular level to create naturally balanced water,” according to Nolte.  Poured through the device, the water becomes extremely hydrating structured water. Read that sentence carefully. The water effectively implodes upon itself just as it does in nature. The water is purifying and the device structures water in the same way it is structured tumbling down a mountain stream.  This aspect of structuring is so important.  Think about life as the ability to hold and maintain your structure. Therefore death and disease result when your structure is breaking down. By consuming water that is structured you are adding structure to your body.

Nolte says the Structured Water Device will “kill anaerobic bacteria in the water and strengthen aerobic bacteria.  It will alkalize your water back to its proper 7.0-7.5 pH balance.” Toxins in the water are pulled into the inner molecule of the water, he explains, so they pass through your body without being absorbed.  If there’s room left in the molecule, it will pull toxins out of the body as well.   He continues: “Everything in the water is structured; gases go into the air, frequency memories are erased and the physical goes out your elimination system. You are a filter for all you eat. Structured water, the truth of Nature, can only carry into the cells that which is good for life. All these elements ride on the outside of the water molecule in the form of memory [we’d suggest ‘intention’] and are instantly made available at the cellular level upon demand. Structured Water, instant hydration, at the cellular level attracts into itself that which is detritus to life such as heavy metals, disease, toxins, free radicals and all elements not part of one’s original DNA or RNA. In other words the Truth of Nature cannot harm Nature. It is always a benefit without effort.”

There you have it.  Water, that divine substance, that Sacred Element, is waiting to serve us all.  You now have the ability to change water to serve what you want out of life.  What could be more empowering in the next moment than a sip of water imbued with your positive intent?


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