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Confirmation that ALL of humanity is now rising in vibration

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If one were to watch the nightly news one might become confused as to what is really going on in our world.  You’ll remember in the Pure Leadership Trilogy how it’s discussed that all of humanity would be rising from Homo Sapien [beings of survival] to Homo Luminous [beings of light] over the course of 15 years. Your nightly news is confirmation of that, although the reporting lacks some very important information.  This rise in vibration of all of humanity cannot possible occur unless low vibration systems fail. And failing they are. All around you.

Just as you are a ‘field of information’ so too humanity is a large ‘collective field of information’.  Within this ‘collective field’ there are many ‘sub-fields’ represented by different cultures and races and religions and so on.  Here’s the good news, all of these ‘sub-fields’ are now rising in vibration and that is why you’re seeing the liberation of peoples from Tunisia to Egypt.

Just as you cannot transform your life if you do not take the time to remove the low vibration beliefs from your field, humanity cannot advance if it does not remove the low vibration systems that currently are in place.

Humanity has been operating from fear for a long long time. As people began shedding fear some 12 years ago, that fear, as an energy, had to go somewhere. Remember that ‘like attracts like’ so when we in North America were shedding our fear it energetically flowed about the planet aggregating “by attraction” to the most fearful places on the planet, being the Middle East and Africa.  This influx of energy energized the most fearing in those fearful places fueling the violence you’ve continued to witness there these past ten years. However, that’s now changing.

You see, these peoples who accumulated all of the fear humanity was releasing have now risen in vibration and they’re now releasing the fear from humanity.

What you’ve witnessed in Iceland and Tunisia and Egypt is now underway in Libya, Bahrain and Morocco. It is the release of ‘collective’ fear, as the people of these countries are taking to the streets and demanding, peacefully, the release from the oppression of their fearful leaders.  This is fundamentally important for the progress of all of humanity.

For the most part these actions have been peaceful, relatively speaking as to what it would have been like if this had commenced 12 years ago. Iceland was the perfect model as the people took to the streets and demanded, and got, the resignation of their government. This was followed by some violence in Greece.  You may remember in the Trilogy where I present Bolivia as the historical example. When Bechtel took over the water resources of the entire country and raised the price of water to the people, the people took to the streets in protest. The outcome was that ultimately Bechtel had to back down. There was some violence, but just as we saw recently in Egypt, when the ‘chips were down’ the Bolivian troops remained in their barracks and refused to fire upon their own families.

In Egypt the army stood steadfast on the sidelines and refused to get involved. Ultimately the expression of high vibration leadership of the army generals ruled the day and Mubarak stepped down.  Mubarak’s resignation had been preceded by the fall of Zine el-Abindine Ben Ali in Tunisia. This wave of rising collective consciousness is now flowing throughout all of Africa and the Middle East.

Qaddafi in Libya has decided to take the most aggressive stance to date, ordering hissupporters and hiring mercenaries to fire upon and kill his own people. This will not succeed in keeping him in power. The people who have died there have, no doubt, done so knowingly to facilitate this change for all of humanity.  As sure as I’m writing this note Qaddafi will step down or be removed. It is interesting to note that many of senior officials in his government are resigning and two of the aircraft he instructed to bomb his own people landed in Malta refusing to conduct this crime against humanity.

You see, everything works in energy. As the awareness of everyone in the Middle East is rising they can see that their own people have too little to eat.  They see the billions that these dictators have accreted onto themselves. They feel the inequity.  This is their place in history to take higher vibration action.

Even in Morocco where the monarch has been considered to be better than most, the rise in vibration is sweeping through the streets.

I suggest to you that we will witness this unstoppable wave continue throughout this year as monarchies and dictators fall around the world. High vibration people are no longer going to be prepared to be ruled by low vibration people.

After the monarchies and dictators fall, I suspect that we’ll see governments within our own countries driven, most likely peacefully, to be more accountable and responsible to the people. Business colleagues in America tell me there have already been some large protests in America, although not covered by the media.

As pointed out in the Trilogy, America has had a large vested interest in supporting various dictators over the years, in exchange for military bases and business exploitation.  As the governments begin to fail what is energetically going on behind the scenes, and sometimes not so much behind the scenes, as evidenced by the steps taken against British Petroleum after the Gulf ‘blowout’ and the recent controversial judgment of $9 billion registered against Chevron for destruction of the rainforest of Ecuador, is that the old ways of doing business, competition and control, are breaking apart.

This is all good ladies and gentlemen. It is necessary to free everyone from the low vibration structures. Please keep this in mind when watching the nightly news and going about your day. Spread the word of what good news this is. This is NOT an increase of violence, this is an end of the violence which humans have committed against each other for centuries.

Now rather than being a by-stander get in the game pick up Book III and return to clearing out your own ‘field’ of low vibration beliefs and accelerate the liberation of yourself and those you love.

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